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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hob-b and her boy

Hob-b started showing some interest in her little boy last night. Almost clockwork 24 hours since she came out of surgery. The pup is strong and nursing on his own. And, thank God, he has gained one ounce since he was born. He is now 8 ounces. Both little Hob-b and the little pup look lost in the big whelping box!

Hob-b is still not herself and not that interested in eating. This is worrying and I am handfeeding her anything she will eat. Her temperature is normal. The vet said this is normal but I will be watching her closely and bring her in if she doesn't start eating better by tomorrow.

1 comment:

Lian said...

Hope Hob-B is back to her bouncy old self soon! Glad the puppy is doing well.