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Monday, December 11, 2006

Where do the days go?

The puppies are getting more active and the days are just flying by. Zen has had enough of the puppies but lets them nurse occasionally. I am suprised that she doesn't want to play much with them. She would rather play with me, so I cannot have her in the room when I work with the pups. So instead I let Hob-b and Jordan in with the pups when they are loose.

Both Hob-b and Jordan are gentle so I can trust them with the pups. In this photo patient Hob-b puts up with the pup using her tail as a tuggie!

A more appropriate tuggie! I continue to work on tugging with the pups. I try and use different tugs each time, so that they don't get used to just one type. But they really like this one!

We had a lovely dinner for a friend's birthday and at the same time had some puppy socialization. Black Leg joined us and you can see her size in relation to a beer can.

Carmella catching a little cuddle with Dennis. I don't know who is more tired. Night night....

1 comment:

Andy Hudson said...

Lovely photos.

We're having a big fix today as from tomorrow we won't be able to see the puppies as we'll be at Olympia until next Tuesday.

I think we'll see another big change in the puppies come next week - can't wait, although I don't want to wish Olympia away!