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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pups are growing up

I haven't had a chance to post much on the blog lately. The pups are really keeping us busy now. We actually ran out of paper towels today! Gosh these pups are super dooper poo-ing machines.

The pups had a lovely visit this week from Adele and Han from Holland. They are long-time sheltie people and it was great to talk shelties all day. I hope that their first OBay sheltie gives them many years of happiness. They have tentatively picked their puppy, but I am keeping that a secret for now!

The pups have had quite a few new experiences this week. I took them for a car ride to the train station to pick up and drop off Adele and Han. I am not sure they heard much as they were sleeping! But I parked the car as close to the train station as possible and opened up the back so they could hear and see the train. I think I will do this again, possibly taking one or two pups out of the car and holding them while the trains go by.

They also had a nice trip out to Sue's house. After I taught the puppy class in the morning, all my students took a puppy and carried them out to the sand school. We put the puppies down and they immediately started to explore and play. It was a great experience for them and I was very happy with the way they handled the new environment. I worry alot about their socialization and their temperments. I only want the pups with good temperments to go to working homes. I know that I can only do so much, the rest is up to the new owners. But I try and do as much as possible in those first 8 weeks. And then I nag the new owners for the next 10 months to try and get them to keep up the socialization aspect!

Today the pups went for a ride with Dennis to his Clay pigeon shooting. (note these are CLAY pigeons, not real ones!) He will park far enough away that the shooting does not hurt their ears, but that they can still hear it. They will have their lunch in the car while Dennis shoots. I am waiting for them to return and to hear all about the adventure.

Here are the first official photos of Ho-b's puppies! They are due at the end of this week and I am hoping she doesn't go early.

Zen will now stay with the puppies if she has on her little shirt and pants. They prevent the pups from nursing. Still she is wondering "When are they going?".

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