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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Another pretty great agility weekend

The nice thing about breeding dogs is that I get to share in the joy when one of my pups do something fabulous! This weekend two of "my" pups have had fantastic wins.

Yesterday at Wyre, Nicky and Indy won Small Open Jumping. This is just awesome as this is Indy's second show and the 3rd time he has won 1st place! This gives him one of his 4 wins needed to become an Advanced dog. I have no doubt those last 3 wins will be coming sooner rather than later! I am still waiting for details on his win and will share when Nicky emails me tomorrow. Indy is OBay Truly Driven (Tazz x True).

Today at Southern Border Collie, Timmy (OBay Truly Taking a Chance) won Open Agility. Peggy and Timmy have been winning lots of jumping classes this year, but needed one more agility win to become advanced. Well today at the last show of the season, Timmy decided to give Peggy a great Christmas pressie and win the class! Timmy is Zen's brother and is the 3rd puppy of the litter to become Advanced in England. When I bred True to Monty, I could have never anticipated just how fabulous ALL those puppies would be. How lucky am I? There is not one pup from that litter who does not have the drive and enthusiasm to work, they are all a pleasure to watch.

This is Timmy with his trophy and ribbon. There were over 100 dogs entered in this class and Timmy won the class by 1/2 second over the 2nd place dog.

As for me and Hex, we also had a pretty good weekend. We had a nice training day on Saturday with Leslie Olden. She always gives us something to work on! Then today at Southern Border collie, Hex was entered in her first open classes. I was interested to see how she did against the fast senior and advanced dogs. We were eliminated in the Agility, but she tried hard. In the jumping she ended up in 3rd place (out of 103 dogs entered). She was just under 1 second off of first place and 1/10 second off of 2nd place. I was really pleased with that! Both the top 2 dogs are very fast and really good dogs, so to be right up there was a real boost for me.

I now know that Hex has the potential to do well, but we have some work to do over the winter if we are going to be able to reach the top!!

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