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Monday, December 04, 2006

Puppies tug training

Here is Pickle working very hard on learning to tug! I found this little cat toy at the store yesterday and the pups think it is great. I think tug training is so essential to agility, so I work very hard encouraging the puppies right from the start. I think most pups will tug at this age, but you have to keep working on it right thru until adulthood. In teaching I find that many shelties do not tug and then you always have to rely on food to train.

Here Carmella gets a turn! All the pups were fighting over this toy!

Cardboard boxes make great puppy toys too! Tony is already starting to work on his "circus elephant trick".

I think the pups will make their first car trip on Friday and visit Dennis office. It is only 5 minutes away and a great way to introduce the pups to a new environment. Especially since I cannot seem to get them outdoors due to the cold, rain and wind!

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