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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Two busy days for the pups

We try to give the pups new experiences everyday. Yesterday the pups had their first car ride and their first visit to Spellman. Going to the office is great socialization for puppies. Not only do they get to see new things, but they meet lots of people. This is just what they need and hopefully the people at the factory enjoy it too!

Dennis took them out of the car and put them into this basket which just invited a Christmas tree photo.

Carmella almost gotten taken away in a handbag! She heard that Paris Hilton may be looking for a new handbag pet and wants to offer her services.

Black Leg got a chance to do some ordering around in the sales office. Her computer skills will come in handy.

Today the pups took a car ride to the Butchers and to Sainsburys. Dennis opened up the boot so that they could watch the world go by. They got alot of attention and are very comfortable in the car.

When they returned home there was a big shock.....the sun was out! So Dennis took advantage of the warmer weather and fed them in the back garden. This was only their second time walking on grass and gravel but it did not seem to bother them. They had their lunch "al Fresco" and the fresh air made them very hungry.

Dot and Black Leg are wondering if they could have some more please......

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