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Friday, January 30, 2009

The new adventure begins

The pups are in their new homes. Now I can concentrate on my PUPPIES! Yes I have kept two; I couldn't help myself. Little Itzy is so tiny and I just could not trust anyone else with her! I know it is not an ideal situation to keep two pups but at least I realize that and will work hard with both.

The first pup to go yesterday was Cutie Pie. I really thought for awhile that Cutie Pie was going to be the puppy that I kept. I do think you need to pick a puppy both with your head and with your heart. My head kept telling me to pick her but my heart wasn't agreeing. She was such a cutie but we just did not click together.

I think Karen is happy with her! Cutie Pie is now named "Yazoo" and her registered name is OBay Itz Fantaztic

Pork Chop was just something special. She was so friendly and had the waggiest tail. Unfortunately she had a small jaw problem with an uneven bite. This meant right from the start that I could not keep her with any intention to breed on from her. I tried really hard not to get attached to her even though I thought she had just the best working temperament and such a sweet personality.

Pork Chop has now gone into another sheltie home and will be living with Marilyn. (ARGHH I forgot to get a photo of Marilyn and Pork chop together! Hopefully she will send me one) Her call name has yet to be decided but her registered name will be
OBay Itz A Kinda Magic

So, yes, that leaves two! Chubsy and Itzy are mine. Or at least I think Itzy is mine; Dennis seems to think she is his. When she needs to go out; I ask him to take "HIS" puppy out!

Itzy Or Itz will keep her call name and her registered name is
OBay Itz Itzy Bitzy. She is so darn cute and fun. She likes to leap into the air with 4 feet off the ground.

Chubsy is now known as "Zaz" (a little bit of Zen and a litte bit of Tazz" aka "Zazzer a litte bit of Tazzer". Her registered name is
OBay Itz Got Pizzazz. She is an interesting personality; tough but with a little bit of sensitivity. She is not everyone's friend; but she has eyes for me and that is what I like. I cannot wait to start training her and seeing what we can do together.

Me and my girls.

After Pork Chop left today we took down the puppy pen and put away some of the many thousand toys. I did a little cleaning and generally tidied up. I took a deep breath and now thoughts turn to housebreaking, socializing and training!


Johanna said...

I cant wait to come and see them :o)

Hudsondoglets said...

Good luck with your new adventure. We knew you would have fun and now it seems that the fun will be doubled! Itzy and Zaz are beautiful as are Yazoo and Pork Chop. We look forward to seeing them grow and develop.

Nancy & Andy
and hugs from sisters Kizzy & Zeki
and of course the other Hudsondoglets

Mary-Anne said...

I'm so glad you kept Chubs, er, Zaz - she sounded like so much fun! And after seeing a couple of those photos you posted of Itzy and Dennis I'm not at all surprised you kept her too - that's Daddy's Little Girl if I ever saw one!

Jayda (and the rest of us) wish her baby cousins all the best!

Cool Design Shelties said...

Good luck with the two you have keeped :o)


Christine said...

How cool is that:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us all in your secret, lovely that you have kept two pups. Nice that Dennis is in love with Itz, why not let Dennis do agility as well then there would be competition!!!!

Enjoy them and good luck in the future. Keep blogging their progress daily ?? please

Angela said...

I'm so happy for you all, looking forward to meeting you all one day and enjoying your updates.xx

Diana said...

I guessed wrong. Im sure you are right. When I picked Miley, she was just showing me that she was the one. She was running through the kitchen, jumping my legs, hitting a busha (sp) board and then back around again. I felt like she was saying, "pick me, pick me!" Have fun!! Diana

Sara Davies said...

Good luck with your two lovely girls.
I do hope you will continue to keep us up to date with their progress.

Hooch and troops said...

Yeah u kept Itsy..thought you might do..shes too itsy and cuddly and cute to let go..

have a fab time with your girls...does hubbie feel left out :)


Anonymous said...

Hello !

Great to hear that the next Obay Agility Generation is safe.
I wish you luck and sucess with this cute little ladies.
I am very happy that you keep Itzy (my favorite) so I read everything about her risíng.

Best wishes !


Dawn said...

So happy for you, glad you kept two. Obviously Dennis is in love all over again! :) Can't wait to hear about their training.

Lian said...

Good Luck with their new homes! I like Zaz's registered name, PIZZAZZ suiys her beautifully and Itzy is just too cute!

I'm Helen said...

Glad you have made your decision.Hx

Paula said...

Wow two new pups to train!

So glad these little girls have come into your life, looking forward to meeting them both and seeing you on the agility circuit again soon.

Sassydogs said...

I am so delighted you have kept two pups - as you say, it will be hard work, but worth every minute.
I agree with "anonymous" that you should get Dennis competing with Itz ....
Look forward to seeing you and the girls soon

Hazyland Border Collies & Biscuit said...

Good luck with your 2 new girls.
Gosh, I think one puppy is a lot! :o)