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Friday, February 06, 2009

Girl Power Pups 8-9 weeks

So things slowly are getting back to normal. Well as normal as things can be with 2 puppies.

I have to be creative in ways to get the pups out and socialized. Whenever I go out; I bring a puppy with me. I also make trips into town just to walk them around. Not much else gets done besides let the pups out, let the pups in, let the pups out, let the pups in, feed the pups, let them out, try and catch them to let them in and then, occasionally, "YES THEY ARE SLEEPING"!

Each pup needs different things right now in their trips out. Zaz has to learn that people can touch her! She hates to be pet by strangers; she will look at them like they are crazy "How dare you touch me?" is the look she gives them. She has better things to do! Itzy is more outgoing with strangers but is not so keen on walking any distance. A few short sessions on lead and then she puts her bottom down and doesn't want to go on. Oh, except if there is a child running by and then she wants to chase chase chase! Lots of work needed on that!

Dennis cannot go anywhere without me handing him a puppy to take. Zaz took a trip to the shooting range and Itzy spent an afternoon at the office. Dennis has gone back to New York this week....I wonder why?

We did not get the snow that the rest of England had. On Monday morning we got just a dusting as shown here. By Monday afternoon it had melted. Yet just 10 miles away they had 6-12 inches. Strange weather here that's for sure. Not that I am complaining; I had enough snow in my life in New York and the novelty is gone.

This is Pork Chop in her new home. Her new call name is "Zavvi". As usual, I will have trouble remembering the names! Everyone has been so good in choosing unusual names. We have Itzy, Zaz, Yaz and Zavvi! Try and say that three times fast.

The pups got their first puppy injections yesterday. I watch them closely afterwards for any reaction as I have had puppies who reacted to the vaccinations. At the same time; Zen was due for her rabies jab to keep her Pets Passport valid. I wasn't watching Zen as closely because she has had multiple rabies injections before and had no problem. Well......look what happened 2 hours later. Yes AFTER vet hours. Why don't I listen to myself and do the injections in the mornings?

I did speak to the "on call" vet who,when I told her what was happening, responded with a high pitched "REEEEAAALLY?" Uhhh, no not really, I just called you to pass the time! Arghhh! Luckily I immediately popped two antihistamine (Benadryl) down Zen's throat and about 1 hour later the swelling had slowed down and started to slightly improve. She was almost normal by 1 am and boy am I tired today!

Her muzzle and one eye swelled quite alot. You cannot see it on the photo but her lips were very thick. Not Zen's most attractive photo but I wanted people to see what a reaction sometimes looks like.

How could I resist this photo? Zen and her mini-me Itzy.


Diana said...

One time Guiness got a vaccine and I took him home. He was scratching where he got the injection so I gave him a benadryl. I wasnt really paying attention because I was making dinner. I turn to look at him and all the fur on his face and head was sticking straight out like a porucpine (sp). I rush him back to the vet and they gave him more medication and then next day it was fine. I had never seen that before. It was scary to me.

Not wanting to walk. Well thats a chihuahua thing. So see, you did get a chihuahua after all. LOL.

Miley doesnt like other people to touch her either. I told a friend that I worry about her running out of the ring at the end of my run. AKC is starting new rules about dogs leaving the ring after their run. She told me I didnt need to worry. Miley doesnt like other dogs and she doenst like other people so she wouldnt be running to anything. I laughed. I didnt think of it that way. ( Sorry to be so long winded) Diana

Zindelijk BSDs said...

Love the pictures, soooo cute.
Hope Zen is ok, it frightens me so much having injections.

Lian said...

All the puppies look so cute!

Hope Zen is back to normal after the benadryl.

Dawn said...

Such cute dogs! I wonder why Zen had a reaction this time and not other times? Just goes to show you never know. Thanks for the picture so we know what a reaction might look like in our own dogs. The puppies are adorable. Of course.

Sara said...

Gorgeous photos! The puppies are so sweet.

Vaccines can be scary. I always have a titer test done, to see if my dogs already have enough antibodies in their system. The results always have shown they have plenty of antibodies from their initial shot, so they have never needed the booster shots.

Unfortunately, the rabies shots are required by law in the US every 3 years, regardless of whether their bodies need it or not.

Hope Zen is feeling better!

Jo Ann said...

I have experienced the shot reactions too, although never with just rabies. The amount of swelling and what it makes them look like can be really frightening.

I *love* the mini me picture in the beds! How did you ever manage to sneak up on them with a camera and they stayed in that position? Or is Itzy that well trained already?

I'm looking forward to following their progress!

Christy said...

Great photos of your new puppies. Piper had a reaction to her first vaccines when she was only a few months old. When I first looked at her, I thought the honeymoon was over and I have an ugly puppy. Her face was swelling, but very unevenly. We went back to the vet since I didn't have any Benadryl. She was fine after a few hours and was back to looking adorable.
She also doesn't see the need for others to touch her. She must have been some sort of queen in a past life. She can be trained to tolerate others, but she doesn't like it.
Good luck with the training.

Jo said...

oh sooooo cute little girlies, looking forward to watching their progress. Hope Zen feels better soon.

Paula said...

So glad Zen got over her reaction to the jab, nothing worse than that happening as you alway blame yourself.

The pups are so cute, making me think seriously of trading all 3 of mine in for a sheltie pup.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Poor Zen - sorry she had a reaction to the rabies shot - we're forced into these vaccinations and then they initially do more harm than good. Too bad they can't be safer.

Love the new photos of the puppies!

Macfarlane Dogs said...

You certainly have your work cut out this time! But they are totally adorable! Gr8 names too.

Smudge had exactly the same reaction last year...very scary. Why do these things always happen out of hours??

Josh and Jess said...

Oh boy, I'm so glad our pups didn't react to their jabs like that... I would have been panicking. I've never seen anything like that before.