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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dog in Japan

Dennis is away in Japan. On the weekend a Japanese friend took him around to do some photos. Dennis said he was so busy all weekend; they even went to Mount Fugi just to do photos at sunrise. Unfortunately they were thwarted as Mount Fugi was behind clouds that morning. I hope these photos do him justice as I just downloaded them from Picassa and they are not the originals.

He is having a great time and I think he is enjoying himself more than any other trip to Japan. He really wants me to come to Japan with him but I hate to leave the dogs for that long; I am getting quite sad in my old age.Anyway my husband is so sweet; he takes photos of dogs wherever he goes just to show me.

Here in Yokohama he took this photo of an older couple who put their chihuahua in the ladies' wheelchair! Or at least I hope it was their wheelchair and not just for the chihuahua. He knows I eventually want a chihuahua (long haired) of my own. I don't know why I do not just keep Itsy-Bitsy and be done with it as she is practically a chihuahua! Notice the pink sweater on the chihuahua; so cute! I am hoping Dennis finds that doggie store from his last trip and brings home something cute for my puppy. (whichever it is!)

On their travels they saw this dogpark and stopped for photos. Dennis said they had to leave the park because they got scolded that they were not allowed in. Apparently you have to pay a price to belong (I don't know if it is per day or per year). Is it not funny that the sign is in English? Although not the best shot he got a photo of the shelties. I guess the smog was bad as the man is wearing a surgical mask!

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Glad to see some shelties on the photo!