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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Girl Power puppy play 6 weeks video for Johanna

This is how I spend most of my day in-between cleaning up puppy poo. I have tried to use their names so that you can figure out who is who. I am hoping this encourages Grandma Johanna to come and visit them before they leave for their new homes!

As for the poo situation (also known as the poo-meter)....things have improved. We had almost 100% solidity this morning!


Diana said...

Very cute. I love all the growling and barking. I had to laugh, only dog sport people would have a skate board for puppies to play on. Diana

Karen said...

Having just come back from a perfect puppy play time they are all soo gorgeous and precious unlike their rather smelly mummy !!! lol lol :0) x

Jo Ann said...

I just love all the different items you have for the girls to play with....like the disc that moves on a ball. I tried to do the same with my pups but didn't come up with quite as many great ideas! I'm really impresssed with how well brought up they will be!

I'm liking Cutie Pie just from looking at them. (Maybe that's why the name?). Living with them, you'd know them best.

Funny, I've also always liked Chihuahuas! My husband thinks I'm nuts...

You SHOULD go to Japan if you get the chance again! What an opportunity..you don't want to regret missing that!! I am the same about leaving my dogs, but once I get out there, I love it. Hard with a young litter but next time YOU MUST GO!

Cedarfield said...

They're so adorable! I wish they'd come up with video that let you smell the puppy breath, too :-)