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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Girl Power pups 7 weeks

Pork Chop with the world's smallest dog toy bought for Itzy by Karen.

Chubsy looking cute outside.

Dennis got home on Thursday and, thank God, I have been able to get more done with the puppies! They have had a busy week and I cannot believe they will be leaving in a few days. My blogging has been sporadic just because of lack of time; but I hope it will get easier once some of the pups leave for their new homes. I wonder if anyone can guess which pup(s) I am keeping? :-) This weekend each pup got a trip in the car and a walk around town. Not only does this give them a great experience meeting people and seeing new sights but it also gives me an opportunity to see how they react to new things.

First we took Chubsy and Cutie. I walked one and Dennis walked the other. Cutie got to wear a new pink coat that fits her perfect; so guess who walked her? Dennis refused although he was fine walking Chubsy with her pink collar and lead. The high street was busy and both pups did really well with the crowds and noises. Chubsy had a habit of chasing feet and bags as they go by her; I have seen this tendency in all the litters of the same breeding. They do have some trouble with self-control!

Then Itsy came with us to the hardware store. She had a great time walking around town and in the store. Dennis thought we should buy her this sign because she is so ferocious.

Pork Chop took ride today to the local country/equestrian store because it was raining too hard to walk outside through town. She walked up and down the aisles with no trouble and came home with a new rawhide chewie that Chubsy promptly stole.

All the pups got a bath and blowdry this weekend. The baths were fine but the drying caused much screaming. I must admit I am not as diligent as some "show" breeders about grooming and stacking pups from a young age; my heart lies more in teaching them to tug and play which means they are great tuggers but hard to groom initially! Chubsy in the kitchen sink.

Pork Chop looking cute after her bath.

The pups have spent alot of time outside; we bring them out regularly to help in the housebreaking effort as well as give them loads of exercise. The weather has not been great and they are getting used to being out in the rain and puddle. Since we have re-done the patio; they no longer get muddy just wet. They always play on the plastic child's slide. That was the greatest boot sale find ever (it probably cost all of $5) and has done well for every litter so far.

Tim and Marion gave the last litter of pups this little red sled which acts as a great outdoor wobble board and general launch spot for puppy play.

There is no better toy that a squished up plastic milk container. Add some pebbles or coins and it is guaranteed to encite riot in these pups.

They have had many good visits from new people this week; it is great for them to meet new people everyday. Here Pork Chop teaches a new person to give her tea; all the pups love to steal tea out of the cup just like their Mum Zen.

I love this last week with the entire litter. It is hard work but it feels as if it all just falls in place when the pups are set to go into their wonderful new homes. They are into the stage when they start having group "FRAPS". Let's see, I think that stands for Frenetic Random Activity Periods or something similar. You know them when they happen as the pups go tearing around and around and use the furniture as racetracks. They play constantly and are so much fun to watch. Zen has been a good Mum lately; she seems to like spending time with this litter. I have to supervise as she likes to play rough but she often will try and entice a pup to tug with her by dangling a toy near them. It is so cute but hard to photograph. I got this little video clip of Zen playing tuggy with Pork Chop.


Sara said...

What wonderful photos! They are all so sweet. Whoever gets these pups is very lucky!

Jo said...

They are all beautiful pups, hard to pick out one to keep, but I think you might keep Chubsie!! Good luck to all the new owners and have fun with your new puppies.

Macfarlane Dogs said...

My money is on Chubsie too! But it must be so hard to decide!!

They are all absolutely gorgeous and I am sure will continue to cause chaos in their new homes (in the best possible way of course ;-)!)

Enjoy their last week!! x

Anonymous said...

What little Stunners. So what are their registered names and who is getting the pups this year? Cannot wait for the next post.

Lian said...

They are all far too gorgeous! I want to keep them all!!!

It was so funny wathing the pups going round the back of the settee doing their fraps!!

And the funny pork chop nearly feel asleep in her drinking bowl.

Awww, puppies, I've never get tired wathing them.

Mary Anne & the pups' US cousins said...

Did you write "which pup(s)" :) ???

If it's just one I say Chubsy because she sounds like a quite a character! Cutie hasn't gotten as much blog time - unless that's a devious "red herring" to throw us all off track, hmmm ...

If it's two, then I'm thinking one of them is Pork Chop ... unless you fell prey to the micro-sheltie "dark side" and decided keep Itzy ???

I give up - I haven't a clue, but it's fun guessing :)!

Angela said...

I'm glad it's not, just mine that drink tea! Itsy, Itsy

Anonymous said...

Hello !

They are so cute and beautyful.
The pictures and stories really, which show your deep love to your dogs/litters, warm ever readers heart.

Best regards


Karen said...

Love the video and the picture of pork chop after her bath cute !!

Diana said...

Ok, Im going to say you keeping Cutie because you bought her a coat. Ans she looks great in it. Diana