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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Girl Power pups 6 weeks

I had planned to add some new photos and video but poo gets in the way. The pups have been having some soft poo and this is requiring lots of cleaning and a trip to the vet. So I just don't have time to go through Dennis' photos from when I was away. Suffice to say there were hundreds of photos and Dennis did loads of work with the pups. Since Dennis is away now in Japan for the week; I have been trying to get some photos but he took the good camera with him. Bastard! So between cleaning up after the little darlings; I took some photos and video with my little camera. Not quite up to par with Dennis' photos but you will get the general idea! The whelping box has come out of the pen and I have added a crate (without door) and a raised bed. I thought the raised bed would be fun for them to jump on and off. Sometimes they sleep on it; sometimes under it. The bed has been a big hit.

The pups have been wearing their new little pink collars (bought in North Carolina at HUGE Petsmart). After the initial "I cannot move with this thing on me" they are now used to them and look really cute. Of course, Itsy has a slightly different pink collar as she needed a collar from the teeny-tiny collar section. Her collar is still pink but it has polka dogs on it. Gosh how I love buying pink puppy things! I could have gone crazy in the Petsmart store. I also placed an order with cleanrun while I was in the US and came home with a suitcase FULL of tuggie toys. Chubsy, Pork Chop and Itsy are great tuggers but Cutie needs extra work so I bought some great tug toys to see what worked best for her. Today I took them for a ride in my car; they got the top deck of the new cages. We stopped at the supermarket and just opened the back to let them watch the world go by. Next week I will start doing individual trips but that will have to wait until Dennis comes homes. My new car crates are great.

Itsy and Chubsy. Cutie and Pork Chop. I got this great child's toy from Ikea. It is a blow up seat and looks like a hedgehog. I thought it would be good for balance work once the pup gets older but they actually love playing on it now. We took some of the air out to make it small enough for the pups as this age. They use it as a trampoline and sometimes as a dog bed. Itsy is the funniest with it and I took some little videos. It is so hard to video pups; as soon as you get the video out they stop doing what they were doing!


Sara said...

The girls are looking gorgeous! Love the videos - so cute.

Diana said...

Wow, they are growing fast. Is one showing you that she's the one? Diana

Anonymous said...

I love reading this blog about your lovely puppies, and glad they have made you smile again. Marie

yettontop said...

Watching these pups grow, and loving some of the things you do with them to prepare them for later experiences.
Hope to see you up North again some day!

Angela said...

...Itsy, Itsy, Itsy

Dawn said...

Anyone getting any of your pups would be very lucky! You do so much good work with them when they are small! They are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hello !

I really adore your puppy work.
All the good ideas you have to "train" them.
I think Itsy is my favorite, so cute, so special.
I am really thankful for you letting us participate in the growing up and all the fun with your dogs.



Lian said...

Like the first video of Itsy on that bouncy toy, she is very cute! Can't wait to meet them.

Sara Davies said...

It was really lovely meeting 'the girls' yesterday, thank you for letting me visit. Super puppies - they are very lucky to have you as 'grandma'.

Sarah and Leslie said...

hello may Dylan and i visit the Puppies my email is sarah_dylan82@yahoo.co.uk as i have lost your mobile number! Sorry!