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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Presto the Therapy dog

Nothing could make me prouder than to hear about one of my shelties doing therapy work. Presto is Jordan's "baby" boy and just turned 9 years old. He just started working for a new program in a local school. He goes to the school and helps the children read out loud! How cute is that? The program is called "ROCK": Reading Outloud Creates Knowledge.

Presto (and his litter sister Halo) have such lovely temperaments; Jordan passed on her special sweetness to both of them. The "Essence of Jordan" is just the true sweetness and gentleness of a sheltie.

I hope this link works; it is a slide show of Presto's first visit to the school. The first visit occurred on his 9th birthday and the children had a special card made for him. Eleanor said that his tailed wagged the entire time. I am so proud of them both!

Presto's ROCK visit

I have had a few dogs that have done therapy work. Joy was amazing as a therapy dog; her rock-solid temperament combined with her self-assurance made her a fun dog to bring into a hospital or children's home. I know that Kizzy has also done some therapy work visiting Nancy's mother in the Nursing home. Kizzy reminds me so much of Jordan as a young dog; happy and bouncy when you needed it but mellow and ever-so gentle.

These are the things that people don't hear about; they do not win awards or ribbons but rather they win the hearts of everyone who is touched by them. That beats any trophy or rosette in my eyes.


Sara said...

Those pictures were priceless. I loved how the kids were all wearing "dog ear" birthday hats in honor of Presto's birthday. I've heard a lot about the success of these read out loud programs with dogs, especially for children with special needs. Kids feel more secure reading to a dog, because they know they can make a mistake and the dog won't make fun of them. Looks like Presto loved all the attention.

Dawn said...

I've heard about these reading programs too. I'd love to do something like this with Katie, but I think I have to wait till she's a bit older and calmer. Though she does love people, so maybe we could work on our therapy skills...

rachel said...

i also love dogs so much you couldent imagen

GeeRome said...

Therapy dog work is amazing stuff! I love watching one of my dogs connect with someone else and help them through their day. Just seeing the smiles makes me so proud. Great work!