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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Girl Power pups 4-5 weeks

The pups will turn 5 weeks old on Thursday. They are eating 4x per day and are poo and wee machines. I should have asked for paper towels as Christmas presents!

The pups have had visits from Sonia and Bob, Hannah, Karen, Nandy and Sue. It is interesting to see how they react to different people. Each pup changes from day to day; one day one is bolder than the other and on another day one might be less sure than another. So far Pork Chop has the waggiest tail which is a rare quality in my shelties.

The ramp is down on the whelping box all the time now. The pups are pretty good about waking up and toddling down the ramp in order to pee and poo on the newspaper. Sonia and Bob have lent me extra puppy pen panels and the puppy pen is huge this time. It takes up half the living room! They spend much of the time out of the pen in the kitchen and hallway and running through the living room. But at least when they have to be in the pen; they have acres of room to sleep and play.

Here are three pups just woken up and waiting to roll down the ramp.

Do you think they have enough soft toys in their whelping box? You can hardly find Cutie-Pie.

Trying to escape. Hmmmm...... reminiscent of another pup from another litter?

Today the pups had their first trip outdoors. It has been cold here so I haven't had them out yet. Today, although cold, was sunny and the wind has died down. I took the pups out twice for only 5 minutes at a time. They dealt with it fine although after a few minutes started shivering from the cold.

Not a great photo but you get the idea!


Laura said...

Hi Bernadette,

They all look lovely, and they have now reached that really cute sheltie puppy stage :)

Laura & Sisko

Josh and Jess said...

That's very cute how you cross paws, little one :) We're working so hard on this and still don't master the command but to you it comes naturally. :)Well done!!

Jo and Brian said...

Oh Bernadette they are beautiful. They have a wonderful creche with loads to play with, I bet you don't get much work done these days.

Lian said...

Blimey! This little girl (is she Chubsy Wubsy?) is crossing her paw already at 4 weeks old! How sweet and cute! I am speechless.

Paula said...

Oh Bernadette they are so cute, dare I say it cuter than the last litter :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

We are just loving reading about these adorable pups and seeing them growing up - thanks for sharing!

Mary-Anne said...

They're all beautiful but gotta love that Chubsy - photogenic and clever too!

Karen said...

These are lovely pictures and the pups are gorgeous, I especially love the picture of cutie pie resting her head on the elephant :0)

Sara said...

What great photos! The puppies are just gorgeous. I'm looking forward to watching them grow and get even cuter over the next few weeks.

Dawn said...

They are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hello !

Such a cute litter. It is a great joy to read and see the pictures of them while they grow up.
I really love your reports and they are loke a extra little sunshine.
Today we had -18 down to -20°C, think it is a little bit warmer over there.


Emma said...

SO, SO, SO cute! I adore Cutie Pie with her head on the soft toy. She looks adorable and suits her name.

Love seeing them grow and hearing their stories. Thanks.


Christine said...

All this cuteness in chilly Jan is brill, thank you

Hooch and troops said...

Happy 5th week pups..my fav is Cutie Pie..but they are all absolutely georgous