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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Funny thing about how rumours start

There is one thing about the dog world; people love gossip! Recently I heard a silly rumour about me and my pups and thought I would clear it up. I figure if I put in on the blog, people will then talk about it! haha.

For some reason, a few years ago when I first started breeding in the UK, the rumour went around that I charged 1000 pounds for my puppies. (that would be nearly $2000 US dollars!). Who knows where that idea came from but I actually had someone come up to quite aggressively at a show asking me about it; I think they were ready to have a go at me but then calmed down when I looked blankly at them and told them how much my pups were. I heard nothing else about it until this week.

I thought that was it; but this week someone (who is wanting a pup next year) asked me if it was true that my pups were 1000 pounds because she couldn't afford that. She was relieved when I told her that it was a rumour but she said she heard it from a few people.

SO.....to clear up the rumour: My pups do NOT sell for that amount or anything NEAR that amount. I personally think they are priceless but, for me, the right home is more important than any amount of money. So I just hope that some really good homes were not put off contacting me just because of that rumour. That would be sad.

The pups are growing up; they make me laugh. I am no closer to picking a puppy but think I have narrowed it down to two and it wasn't the same two I had picked last week! They change so often; I wish I could keep two of them but I know that I would not get the best out of both if I did that.

Dennis comes home on Thursday which is not soon enough! I miss him and the puppies miss him. He is such a big help with the pups and it has been exhausting this week without him.

Itsy looking adorable.

That's big drop for a little girl.



yettontop said...

When you decide to throw Itsy away as too small to be useful (Ha!Ha! As if!) then throw her to me in Yorkshire please - she is adorable. But I can't afford £1000 (joke!)
Bet she is the one you keep.....

Karen said...

Ha ha ha Todd is most upset he sais he is well worth a grand ;0) lol lol lol

Dawn said...

They are ALL adorable! This is why I could never breed. (dogs I mean!) I'd want to keep them all.

Jo said...

Bernadette, take no notice of those rumour mongers there is a lot of jealousy out there. Your pups are beautiful and worth every penny.

Quite honestly I don't think you need to explain to anyone how much you charge.

Sara said...

The puppies are gorgeous! That last photo is great - can't believe you were able to catch that on film!

Angela said...

yettontop - I'll fight you for her!! (joke!) I'm saving up all my pocket money xxx

Paula said...

Oh bless her little cotton socks :)

I'm with Jo about what you charge.

Christine said...

Blimey, no inflation for the last year, that is what people said when I was getting Zev ;-) hee hee. However he is my bargain of a lifetime! Enough said or I will start gushing about how his worth is immeasurable to me.....

Hooch and troops said...

Ahh Itsy my favourite is still rolling around making me laugh! she rocks!

Good luck in deciding which one to keep...they all are going to be fab.


ann said...

they are all adorable don't know how you are going to choose! If you want to borrow any children to socialise with these little darlings I know of three that would love to help you out!!
Ann x

Lian said...

These girls are just adorable, they are priceless!

Rosie Ison said...

Your puppies would definitely be worth every penny...I know they're not £1000,however I would be willing to pay that for one of them because of all the hard work & extra effort you put into them.
They are a credit to you.
I love Itsy as well.

I'm Helen said...

I have heard that rumour too a while back! Didn't bother asking cos figured it's none of my business what you charge, but for what its worth I did say, the amount of work, time, thought and energy you put into them before, during and after, quite frankly if you wanted to charge that much people would still be getting a very good deal. Can't believe someone was aggressive toward you - what a cheek. Hx

Christy said...

Your puppies are all adorable and I love reading about their adventures on your blog.
I would have paid 1000 for one and not batted an eyelash over it. Sounds like a deal to me.
Guess it's a good thing I live in Ohio.

Anonymous said...

cheeky so'an so's! It has nothing to do with them you can tell from the effort you put into your pups that they are priceless and by how well they're all doing that good homes are paramount! I enjoy reading your blog and watching them grow x

Sassydogs said...

Personally, I am delighted that people are saying you charge £1000 ... that's what I've put aside for mine in a few years' time. What does get spent on buying the puppy from you will just "have" to be spent on toys, leads, bling, etc.
I'm with you - the pups are "priceless"

Hazyland Border Collies & Biscuit said...

When I bought my sheltie in Denmark 4 years ago, I paid 8,000.00 DKKR, which would be £1,005.87!!!!!!!!!!!!
And shelties are even more expensive today!!!
Guess I should have waited for you to have one for me :-)
But the one I got is wonderful and worth every krone!
The pups are adorable!
Best wishes

Ludo van puppy said...

Bless her little upside down pic!
So darn cute!
~Dee (Ludo's mum)

Ulla said...

I like to read your blog and saw you at a few shows down south, but don't know you personally. I haven never heard the rumour, but have to say, you put so much hard work into your puppies that I'd think £1000 wouldn't be overpriced.... They are so well brought up and just truly gorgeous :)