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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yoga today

Bridge, Reverse triangle, swordsman and fig tree. Those are the only ones I can remember today!

I was so tempted to skip yoga this morning and was feeling lazy. When it is over I am always glad that I went; I just have to get my enthusiasm up to get there. What I do for dog agility is mind boggling! Unfortunately it still doesn't help me run faster....

Supadogs Agility Week starts on Saturday. We are not camping (obviously as we have no caravan!) but I am planning on going Saturday, Monday, Tues and Wed. I have my fingers and toes crossed that Hex can win 4 classes this week and move up to Advanced. It will be tough as Supadogs usually attracts EVERYONE! We will do our best!

Good news on the caravan front. The insurance has gone thru and we can order a new caravan. They promised us that we will have it on the Thursday before Thames. So hopefully we will get it home, load it up and head out to Newbury on that Friday morning. The following week we are off with the new caravan for our holiday up to Scotland. No rain please!


Karen said...

Good luck for Supa dogs go and win you know you can do it !! I am very jelous would love to be going myself oh well never mind work is just as nice (NOT !!) I have something pretty and pink for you !! karen and todd xx

Lian said...

Hex is a super star and with your handling, she will fly around the course. We are waiting to hear the good news from SupaDogs!!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Go 4 it grils! We know you can do it. Good luck! Send us some winning vibes to Nottingham too plse :)