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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hex's monster name and her 2nd Birthday!

Hitchhiker-Eating Xenomorph

Get Your Monster Name

I found this on another blog and it is way too funny. And amazing what can cheer me up! Try and put your own names in! Hex is as close to a wicked monster as you can get being born on 05/05/05. We are just lucky it wasn't 06/06/06 or could you imagine how evil she would be then? I do adore her and can't believe she turned TWO today! Happy birthday Hex,Indy and Max. Such a special litter to almost be born on Joy's birthday.

We spent yesterday looking at caravans and trying to remember what was in our caravan before it was stolen. I had just put my bag of rain gear in it and so there went my raincoat and rain trousers, goretex rain hat, scarves and gloves. But worse, the bag was something that was handpainted by a sheltie friend when I left New York. It had "OBay Shelties" handpainted on with a sable sheltie. Boo-hoo! I have had that bag for 6 years and loved it! One of a kind! And all my sheep fleeces that we put to cover the upholstery. I had some great stuff that had waterproof backing that was perfect in the caravan for those wet doggie feet AND it matched the caravan! AND my set of 6 UKA 1st place wineglasses that I was saving just for the caravan. Priceless stuff! HA!

The caravan that we had (2006 Sprite Alpine fixed bed 4 berth) has now been changed for 2007 and NOT for the better! So we are hoping to get a Bailey Ranger instead. It is the same price and the same layout as our Sprite. Fingers crossed that things don't take forever as we were looking forward to camping at Thames next and then Scotland. We were resigned to missing this weekend at UKA and Vyne and next weekend at Beacon; but really don't want to miss Thames and Scotland.

Today Hex and I went to the UKA show at Newbury. I probably should have stayed home as I was not really focused. Hex ran OK in the morning, but not as good as she could. In Steeplechase she knocked one bar and thus I am STILL stuck in Novice steeplechase forever. Moan moan moan.... In senior jumping she did nicely but not as fast as she could. But no problems as it was an OBay Sheltie sweep with Indy 1st and Hex 2nd. Hex did win 1st in the senior agility with a really good round.

In senior gamblers all was going smashing until Hex decided to cut in front of me and I stepped on her! Poor thing let out a scream and held her leg up. Oh shit! After she finished telling me off, I picked her up and checked her leg. She was fine but truly pissed off at me. I put her down and finished the last tunnel and jump and took her for a walk to cool her down. Popped some arnica in her mouth and after the walk let her rest. About an hour later took her out and she seemed fine but the poor thing had grass stains on her leg where I trod on her. I am going to rest her tomorrow and skip the show just to be sure. If she seems ok tomorrow I will do the Vyne KC show on Monday.

All in all a good OBay Sheltie birthday show! Indy won three of his classes! He is just on fire and running fantastic. Hex won her agility and 2nd in Jumping. And the biggest news.....tada..... In Denmark Johanna had a clear run with the One-derful One! Wahoo! One-bunny is a bit of a handful but with all the right attitude and speed; just always having something go wrong to prevent a clear. The boys sometimes mature slower and I think One is finally maturing. It might have something to do with the obedience he has been doing lately I think!

I saw Fat Boy Todd today. He is so cute! What a gorgeous boy he will be (if those darn ears stay tipped!) and so outgoing. Todd's "dad" owns a fancy sportscar called a Lotus. He kindly let me pose Hex in it for some photos. I think we definitely need to park the car in an open green field and do a proper OBay photo session and get a new potential calendar photo. Dennis will touch this photo up later but I thought I would post it now.

Since we are skipping the agility show tomorrow I will take Dennis to the Amberley Working Museum which has an Antique Motorcycle show on this weekend. We have been trying to go to this museum since we moved here and never had the chance.


Lian said...

Happy Birthday to the wicked girl! She looks so charming in that flashy car!!

Bryce and Jayda said...

Happy Birthday, Hex from Uncle Bryce and Cousin Jayda!

She looks like she'd like one of those for her next b'day.

Karen said...

happy birthday hex and indi and wow she looks very cool in the car karen and todd x

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Ha - P b'day Sexy girl
Rather apt monster name!