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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Good Bye to Yogi

Ann Marie and Norman made the decision to end Yogi's suffering last night.

Good bye sweet little Yogi. You were such a sweet golden boy and you have left us way too soon. I will miss you and your little chirps.

Please keep Ann Marie in your prayers this week. She will need all her strength to get thru this.


Ann Marie said...

Thank you Bernadette for your kind words about Yogi. He was the most loveable golden I have ever had the honor of sharing my life with. And I was always amazed at how he reacted whenever you came to visit. He never forgot you. He would chirp till he literally squealed! The house is so quiet now and there is an emptiness in my heart that can't be filled.

Ann Marie

Eleanor C. said...

Ann Marie, I am so very sorry!

I enjoyed watching Yogi run in agility the times I went to the Long Island trials. Hang in there! Yogi will now be running with you forever.

Ann Marie said...

Thanks Eleanor. Yogi WILL always be with me as will all our dogs and until we are all reunited, the memories of the times we shared, the places we've gone and the love they gave us will carry us through.

Ann Marie