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Monday, May 07, 2007

Hob-b and the Antique Motorcycle Show

So I didn't go to the UKA show on Sunday. I am glad I gave Hex the day off and did not push her. It is hard to miss a show but there is always another... On the plus side I almost have my full set of 1st place UKA wine glasses to replace the stolen caravan ones! Hex won one on Saturday and Nicky and Indy won so many on Saturday and sunday that they donated some to our cause! So maybe by the time we get a replacement caravan we can have a full set of UKA first place wine glasses to put in it.

Dennis and I went to the Antique Motorcycle show at the Amberely Working Museum. What does this have to do with shelties? Well,of course, we had to bring one along for the ride. And how cool is that being able to bring your dog to a museum? That would NOT be happening in New York!

Hob-b got to spend the day out with us. She doesn't get as much attention as Hex and Zen because I have not started any training with her. Yet she is so easy going and fun to take anywhere. This was a good opportunity just to get her out alone without the other dogs demanding our attention. And, when necessary, she is quite portable! They have a cute little steam train that goes around the museum and Hob-b was quite good sitting on my lap for the ride.

We just had to pose Hob-b in the phone booth that was in the communication section of the museum.

Just in case there are any motorcycle fans reading this....here are some motorcycle photos.

I liked the motorcycles with the side cars. Some of them were really interesting in how they had them decorated; many had the cute old straw baskets on the back. Perfect for a sunday afternoon out with a picnic lunch? You can just picture it.

The thing that I don't understand is why I could not pose Hob-b in the side cars of these old motorcycles? Dennis wouldn't even ask! What is the point of photos without a cute sheltie in it? Geesh!

Now I may have done a silly thing on saturday! I made a deal with Nicky and Indy. And considering Indy just about won EVERYTHING this weekend I think I may have to pay up eventually. I told Nicky that if Indy gets to the World Agility championships this year in Norway and wins 1st, 2nd or 3rd in individual she can have her next OBay sheltie for free! Uh-oh! There was a witness so I cannot back out. hahaha

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Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

At last you got to go to the bike show - see ther's always something good that comes from something bad.
Hob-b looks soooooo cute