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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dennis should move out

Our house is way too full of female hormones! Hex came in season on Monday. Now I have two bitches in season which I guess is almost easier in some ways. We don't want to discuss what Zen and Hex have been doing to each other and poor Hob-b! Thank goodness I don't have anymore male dogs in the house.

So I am now missing MORE agility shows! And to make my moaning worse, our next show was to be Hex's first official Grade 6 class (where she can finally have her wins count towards Grade 7-advanced). She has been stuck in Grade 5 for the past two months. She has won 15 classes including 4 "intermediate" or "open" agility classes. So not only was she blocking lots of other Grade 5 dogs from moving up(and I did feel bad about that!) but if this was last year's rules she would already be advanced and able to compete at Championship classes.

I think I will be voting for allowing dogs to move-up up to 10 days before show date ! I hope it comes up this year for review with the Kennel club. This rule about not being able to move up if the show has already closed is crazy. I remember very well (not so long ago) how disappointed I was when I started out and Pax would get 2nd in starters to a dog that had already won out. So I can understand how people would be disappointed to get 2nd to a dog that could have easily moved up two months ago! I do realize how lucky I am to have such a special dog in Hex which is why I would love to see how she does in the upper classes not stuck doing courses that run up and down in straight lines.

Speaking of straight lines........what can my sweet Grade 6 Hex not do? FIVE straight jumps in a row! Hahaha Both jumping classes on Monday had 5 jumps straight down the long side of the ring (what is that 100 feet?) to finish. THAT she cannot do. SIGH. Guess what we are training this week once the rain stops? And for all you who say I should learn to run faster.....I say pssh

News from Denmark is that Monty has sired another litter of 5 this week. Yeah go Monty stud- man! In Denmark stud dogs are limited by KC law in the amount of litters they can sire in their lifetime. If I am not mistaken it is 25 litters for shelties. Monty is soon reaching that number so Johanna now has to start restricting his fun! I think Tazz is more than ready to take his place as the super stud dog!

Of course no news on the stolen caravan. Yet each day Dennis and I realize more and more things that were in it. I am hoping we have a new caravan in time for the Thames agility show; as that is the next one we planned to go camping. Yet I have a bad feeling that is being too optimistic!....

Bob (Lucky's human dad) is in the Brighton hospital. He had his surgery on his abdominal aorta today. I spoke to Sonia and he is out of surgery and all seemed to go well. If all goes to plan, he can be home by the weekend. Fingers crossed he is back home soon! And hopefuly Lucky will do what he can to help Bob's recovery. Even though Lucky can be quite strong, he is also so sensitive to Bob and Sonia and I can imagine he is missing Bob terribly. Get well soon Bob!!!
Here is a photo of Bob feeding Lucky birthday cake at Lucky's 1st birthday party. Do you think Lucky is spoiled or what? Ha!


Karen said...

Bad news about Hex but at least it will all be over in one swoop, and give you time to practice straight lines he he he bet you dont need them to often in grade 6 !!!! its jess's worst thing too so perhaps I should join you !!
Get better soon Bob, love karen and Todd xx

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Get well soon Bob!