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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Now Hob-b makes three!

Ok I have heard that bitches in season will bring other bitches in but this is crazy! Now Hob-b is in season! Three bitches in season in one house! And Zen is the worst as she wants to hump everything in sight!

We went shopping today so I didn't feel sad about missing ANOTHER champ show with Zen. Retail therapy! I actually bought a dress; I am not sure why but it was pretty. I need a friend to have a proper English garden party as it would be a good dress for that. Any takers? A jug of Pimms and finger sandwiches would be perfect!

Tomorrow off up to Beacon DTC to judge. It is a 3 hour drive up so we have to be up at 4:20 am. Uggghh. Best laid plans and all that. We were originally going up on Friday, camping at the show, competing in Champs and then hanging out and relaxing to judge on Sunday. NOT! First Zen in season, then caravan stolen, then Hex in season....Now driving up just to judge. I better not get any complaints on my courses or I just might lose my temper! Hehehe Actually I am really hoping they enjoy the courses I made as I did test them out in my backgarden and feel pretty comfortable with them. Fingers crossed!

The USA has now picked their world agility championship team. It is really cool that another Long Island person has made the team again with her papillon. Congrats to Andrea and her little papillon Chase. I am now starting to get excited about our own GB tryouts and being able to try out with TWO dogs!


Lian said...

If the weather is good next week, we can have a nice BBQ in our garden and you are welcome with your new dress but I am not sure it will last long as all my boys will definitely jump all over you!!

Karen said...

hope your weather was better than ours today at tunbridge !! karen and Todd

Andy & Nancy said...

Three in season all at once - amazing! We will have a garden party but not until after 4/7!! You can save your dress until then!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

The house of horemone!