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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Weekend antics

We had a busy dog weekend. On Saturday was a nice local agility show. Haslemere is held at a garden center which is really pretty. You would think we would have all day to socialize and take photos at the garden center wouldn't you? Well no, as usual the day passes way too fast and we only get to chat to people in passing. I am glad we had Avril and Richard for dinner the night before as it is so nice to chat without having to keep an eye on the dogs and wondering if you are missing your runs.

Lisa judged all day and I scribed part of the day for her. Well I will certainly help at that show again! The judges and scribes got super lunches at the garden center and they had yummy pecan pie. My mom always made fantastic pecan pie and I have to admit that this was the first time I have had pecan pie almost as good as mom's! Plus the club also gave the scribes some cash and dog toys. Cool!

I was particularly glad to be back at that show as they had not had classes for smalls and mediums for the past 3-4 years. This was the first time back there for us in awhile. I think they had some teething problems as they didn't expect such large entries. But overall a good show for us with Hex going 100% clear again. Two runs and two first places for my wicked one. Zen did well also with one 1st place in agility. Which run was she eliminated in......Lisa's course! Figures the one course I should get right after watching 170 large dogs go round in the morning while scribing! Nah, I still got it wrong! I blame it on Lisa, yeah that is it, it is her fault! haha Oh and the trophies were great. They were silver photo frames engraved with "Haslemere Dog Training Club: 1st Place". Now I have to actually print some photos to put in them; something we rarely do these days with all the photos on the computer.

I was determined to get photos of the three Zen puppies that would be there on Saturday. They turn 6 months old this week so it was the perfect time for photos. Yeah right. ...Try and get three groups of people and three puppies together at one agility show. I was dreaming. But we will definitely blame it on Mary as they left the earliest. We went by the pedigree van to grab her for the group photo and she was already gone. Bummer!

But we did eventually get some photos of the pups, just not all together...

Here is Oz looking especially pleased with himself. I cannot figure who he looks like; he doesn't look like his Dad Tazz. I am wondering if he kinda looks like his grand-dad Monty.

And here is Mary demonstrating Oz's heelwork.

Here is Zen and little Zoe. Zoe seems to be the smallest at this stage; she is very fine boned and petite. But she has all of Zen's mannerisms and is very...hmm.... how can we say politely... manic!

But the most photogenic and the most like Zen in looks is Kizzy. She is the spitting image of Zen at the same age.

Sunday was the ESSC Working Section Agility show. It is so fantastic seeing so many shelties doing agility. I hope to post some vidoes soon. The best one will be an OBay FIRST......tada......Dennis actually ran a course!! He ran Pax around a simple Circular Helter Skelter course. It was so nice to see Pax out running again and Dennis running with her. We tried to get Dennis to run Zen on the same course but he chickened out!

We didn't get many photos at the show as we were busy running the sales stall (which did really well). But be sure to check out Lisa and Chi's blog for a photo montage and Lian's sheltie blog for some chat about the sheltie show.


Johanna said...

Oz looks like grandma Echo :o)

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

I can see Monty in Oz, Chi in Zoe and had to do a double take on the last photo - double image or wot!
Haslemere was a gr8 show.

Andy & Nancy said...

Kizzy is so like Zen it's uncanny. All the puppies are looking scrummy. We're going to send Kizzy away to Mary to learn heelwork like Ozzie's!

Karen said...

lovely pictures all the pups look gorgeous, karen x