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Monday, May 14, 2007

how do I post agility courses on the blog?

I'd like to start posting some courses and sequences on the blog to discuss. Any clever people out there that can tell me how? I have the old clean run course designer. I am sure it has something to do with saving it as a jpeg....but I opened my course up and there doesn't seem to be that option.

Judging yesterday at Beacon was good . Unfortunately no one else should ever ask me to judge again as I think it always rains when I judge! I seriously (except for the Sheltie of the year show which was indoors) think every show I judged at has been rained on. And not just light rain but heavy downpours! Lisa has this fancy long wax coat that has now been dubbed "the judging coat" as I think the only time it is worn is when I judge. I don't even think Lisa has ever worn it for judging as it doesn't rain when SHE judges.

Since my good rain hats were stolen along with the caravan I had to make do with an older wax hat. Not a great idea as 1/2 way thru the class it soaked thru and I had rain dripping down my face. I had to switch over to Dennis' hat and that just about lasted until my last few dogs. The long wax coat kept me pretty dry and warm but even that was starting to get soaked thru by around 2pm.

So I think I judged about 350 dogs yesterday. 268 in Grade 1-5 jumping and 80-ish in Grade 6-7 jumping. I was happy with both courses but especially the Grade 1-5 course. I still think the Grade 6-7 course was almost too easy but at that point it was so wet that it was probably for the best. Once I figure out how to post courses I will try and post them here.

I enjoyed watching the dogs weave yesterday. Since it was jumping classes I could just position myself on the side of the weaves and really watch the action close-up. The cool part is that, even though alot of dogs missed their entries, once they got in very few popped out. The weaving action of almost all the dogs, including the novice dogs, was phenomenal. I has some super gundogs in my novice class (pointers, German shorthair pointers and vislas) and they all had great weaving style.

Unfortunately I did not know most of the people in my classes as they were from UP north. So I don't know who won the classes or if some of the gundogs placed at all. I do know that in my 6-7 class the top two places were won by the same guy and the 3rd and 4th place was won by another guy. Isn't that strange that 1/2 was the same handler and 3/4 was the same handler. That is pretty consistent! I guess my courses suited those two at least!

Caravan news......Well hmmmm.....got a call on Friday that the caravan had been "found". Turns out it was being sold off some dodgy lot in Bedfordshire. Some guy went to see it and was interested in purchasing . So he took down the VIN number and checked it out with the caravan club and, of course, it came up as stolen. So they asked the guy where he saw it and told him it was stolen and not to go back to the lot. Now the insurance company "investigates" it and brings the police in on it too. The police do not go in as we would do in NY with sirens blazing and cops with guns descending on the place. No way.......they check the place out and decide it is too RISKY and DANGEROUS for the police to go in! So the police have to get "back up" and search warrants and by the time they go back on Sunday the caravan is no longer there. Arghhhh!

The positive news is that the insurance company has been good in keeping us informed so that makes us feel better. But they would not tell us where the caravan was nor does the police contact us at all. All in all a very frustrating experience and , if our caravan doesn't show up again, still no idea when we will be able to get a new caravan.


Lian said...

Glad and sad to hear about your stolen caravan, it is frustrating to know it has been found and gone again!!

Re posting the course, why don't you print the course out and scan it and save it as .jpg file and upload on the blog?

Mary-Anne said...

Can't believe the police knew where it was and didn't DO anything! How frustrating!

Val said...

Bernadette, Check your options for .gif format as well. That format can also be uploaded to websites and in fact is usually smaller so doesn't take up as much space. Val

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

aaah, the sun doth shine on the righteous - enen those that can't spell!! :)