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Thursday, May 10, 2007

mellowed out

I have thought about it during Yoga class this morning (when I was supposed to be emptying my thoughts instead of thinking) and have decided that I am now glad that Hex is not yet advanced. Well...not actually glad but more accepting.

Really she just turned 2 and has been competing in all of EIGHT Kennel club shows! What is my rush? We certainly have lots of training to do and stuff to work on. So no more moaning (well about that anyway!) and lots more training for me and the Hex-ster.

Now lets have no rain today so we can go out and train straight lines and pull-thrus and serpentines and push-thrus and contacts and dodgy weave entrances........HA!

I am sure to be sore later as we did the bridge, the dolphin, the frog, the warrior (my fav), the cat, the swaying palm tree and the dog in Yoga class. I am writing these down because the instructor will say things like "Ok we are going to do the Dolphin and you ALL remember how to do the dolphin, right?" And I am like looking around trying to copy what everyone else is doing because I have NO idea how to do the dolphin! But I hope that if I start writing them down in the blog I will start to actually remember. Or, at the very least, when Lisa says "what do you do in your yoga class?" I will actually know what to say.


Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

And you get to do the salute to the sun - my all time fav.
Hum..... maybe that yoga having more effect than making your body subtle if you having those chilled out thoughts man :)

Lian said...

Can we have a video of you doing the dolphin, the frog and the swaying palm tree??