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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Fat Boy has now finally opened his eyes! He opened them a bit later than I am used to and waited until he was 14 days old. We were afraid he was so fat that he wouldn't open them! But eyes and ears now open, so my work begins again. But alot easier with just one puppy! We are going to move him into the kitchen this weekend, so that he has more contact with all the other dogs. I can't bear the though of him all alone in his whelping box. We will be calling him Billy-No-Mates soon.

When I started worrying about his "doggie" socialization, I remembered our last singleton puppy "One". One certainly has no issues with other dogs and is probably one of the more dog social pups I have had. So I think Fat Boy will be ok.

I hope I didn't scare anyone....this is NOT Fat Boy! hehehe My friend Eleanor sent me this old photo of "Price" who was her singleton puppy a few years back. Price (aka Priceless....we all know the cost of these c-section singleton pup...yikes!) is now a lovely bouncy Champion German Shorthair Pointer. Very well socialized and very energetic!

Here he is as an adult with his mom, Syndney and the sheltie crew. On the left is one of Jordan's puppies, Presto and in the middle is Joy's brother Dash. The sheltie on the right is Eleanor's latest addition called Ozma. She picked Ozma because she had a very similar pedigree to both Dash and Presto.

In this photo below is Hex's brother Max. Max doesn't do agility or obedience, but he rules the roost at Jill and Tims. Last week, Jill went to visit a friend with young son called Archie. Even though Max hardly ever sees children, he did so well with Archie and can be seen sharing both his bed and his toys! Isn't that the cutest?

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Mary-Anne said...

One's cousin Jayda is another c-section singleton (originally known as "Peyton's Little Gem" - "Gem" for short) who grew up to be just wonderful with other dogs. Can't wait to see the new Fat Boy pics :)!