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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fantastic weather

We are just having the most fabulous weather lately. Warm and no rain and thus less mud! I was actually able to go out and train in the back garden yesterday and today. Zen and I are getting ready for Crufts!! Go Zenny! Not having trained or competed since August, she is doing remarkably well. Zen is always up for it and is such a joy to train.

This weekend, Andy and Nancy brought Kizzy over to meet Fat Boy. Fat Boy thought Kizzy was a little over the top and Kizzy thought Fat Boy was a plush stuffed toy that needed to be poked with her long nose. Ha. Today, Peggy brought Zoe over and Fat Boy was more confident. Zoe is a little smaller than Kizzy and was a bit more gentle. Rather than poking Fat boy, Zoe instead did huge leaps OVER him! After awhile, Fat Boy started running along with Zoe and actually chased her once or twice. Both visits were good for Fat Boy and I could see him starting to figure out what he needed to do.

Here he decides just to let Zoe win....

Zen is not looking her best right now; her coat is just gone. She is in that awful post-puppy shed. She won't be looking her best for Crufts, so she will just have to stun them with her agility brilliance rather than her beauty! But anyway, I had to get some photos of her with her pups.

Here is Zen and Kizzy.

And here is Zen and Zoe.

And of course, here are some more adorable FatBoy photos. He is turning out to be GORGEOUS! But considering how gorgeous Hob-b is, why am I surprised?

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