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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Empty Nest

All of the Fab Five are now gone into their new homes. It is very quiet here and I feel a bit lonely. Fat Boy is now 2 weeks; so hopefully in a week or so he will start to keep me busy.

On the plus side, I now have time to start training Zen and Hex again as we are all feeling a bit rusty and out of shape. I have some New Year's resolutions to work on. One of which includes some regular training for Zen, Hex and I. The other includes trying to get fit!

I thought I would introduce all the new owners; each with their own special little hooligan...ooops I mean sheltie pup! I am very happy with all the new homes and hope that the pups give them many years of laughter and joy.

First we have have Andy and Kizzy (OBay Caught In The Act). Kizzy (formerly known as Dot) will be doing agility (and maybe dabbling in other rings) and lives with Andy, Nancy and a crew of Border Collies. Although the biggest of the litter, she still is not really very big and is running on the lower end of height charts. She has turned out really lovely and has a gorgeous structure. When Andy came to choose his pup, she wouldn't stop following him around. It was meant to be! You can read more about Kizzy's antics on her own personal blog at http://hudsondoglets.blogspot.com/

Second we have Han, Adele and Wizz (OBay Catch The Wind). Wizz (formerly known as Black Leg) will be causing chaos in Holland. She is a strong character and needs a firm knowlege of who is really the boss! Luckily Adele and Han are long-time sheltie people and know how to read shelties. Wizz has turned out beautiful and if her ears stay correct, I am hoping they will put her into the breed ring as a puppy. She also will be concentrating on agility.

Third we have Peggy and Zoe (OBay Catch A Rising Star). Zoe (formerly known as Carmella) is joining Peggy and Kelvin along with her big uncle Timmy (and hoping to do agility as well as he does!) and a sweet golden retriever called Jessie. Zoe is the pup I felt most like Zen in many ways. I am lucky that I will get to see Zoe most frequently as they live the closest to me. Peggy said that Zoe settled right in and acts like she has lived there her entire life.

Next we have Mary and Oz (OBay Caught Red Handed). Oz (previously known as Pickle) joins Mary, Dave and a crew of border collies, a lurcher and another sheltie. (You can read about Mary's other dogs at http://www.maryray.co.uk/dogs.html) Oz can be a bit naughty and likes the sound of his own voice, so I think he may drive Dave slightly batty. But hopefully his adorable attitude will win him over! What will Oz be doing? Well Mary does everything, so the sky is the limit. I know that Mary will bring the best out in him and I couldn't ask for a better owner of my special Pickle.

Last but not least, the littlest of the bunch. Kirsten and Zeus (OBay Catch Up). Zeus (previously called Tony) was the smallest but he never knew it. Forever climbing up on things (including full height a-frames in the agility field!) he always tried to be above all his siblings. He was probably the cuddliest of all the puppies, one of the few content to just be held. He joins Kirsten, Gert and a bunch of shelties and one border collie in Denmark. He gets to live on a lovely farm and will have a great life doing agility, obedience and maybe some breed showing. Kirsten lives close to Johanna (who owns the pups dad Tazz and grand-dad Monty) and so Johanna is happy to be able to watch him grow up!

Good luck to all the new owners. Just remember I am here for any questions or just to listen to how wonderful/bad/naughty/cute/fustrating they are!

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