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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fat Boy Walks!

I am posting this silly photo just to show that Fat Boy can actually walk!

Although he does fall down a lot.......

He has decided that everything deserves to go into his mouth. He has a particular attraction to this little lamb toy.

Only the American readers will understand this. Somehow, in my head, I have hooked up the name "Fat Boy" with the theme song for the TV show "Cops". I can't help but sing it to him.

"Bad boys, bad boys

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha

gonna do

When they come for you"

Just replace "BadBoy"with "FatBoy" and you will see how it fits!

Fat Boy actually may more appropriately be named Bad Boy. He seems quite dominant for just 3 weeks old. He likes to use his weight to beat up toys and makes the cutest little grrr grrr noises whenever he does anything! He is starting to come to me when I tap my hands on the floor and we have him climbing over and under things. I have started to bring out all the musical children's toys to get him accustomed to different noises and different surfaces under his feet.

FatBoy will spend the day on Saturday with Dennis. I am off to a Heelwork to Music sheltie training day. No, don't worry, the world is NOT ready to see me dance with dogs. I am going just to learn some new ideas and some new party tricks. And just a chance to spend the day focusing on Hex and Zen. I will NOT be dancing with my dogs, I will leave that to more coordinated and musically inclined people! Dennis will take Fat Boy in the car (with Hob-b) for the morning while he target shoots at Bisley. The noise is far enough away that it will not scare the pup, but a good introduction to some different noises. And a good chance for a car ride and new scenery for the pup.

Dennis may also take Fat Boy to work on Friday depending on the weather.


Lian said...

Oh! Sweet FatBoy!

Eleanor said...

What, Fat Boy doesn't like his stuffed bird toy? I told Price and he does not get it! Surely birds are better than sheep!?:-) BTW, Fat Boy looks a lot like Price did at that age!

Eleanor said...

And I had to add.. I now have that tune running through my head! Endlessly.

Mary-Anne said...

Looks like I feel - after the holiday season "feeding frenzy" :)!

We have that same sheep (but cousin Jayda ate its eyes).

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Horrah! He's up and stumbling :) Better watch out it won't be long begor he's dashing across that floor.

Andy & Nancy said...

Fat Boy truly is a fat boy. But, he's going to be a stunning young man!

The photo of him wobbling over is wonderful and so funny!

We think you should call him Obay Hell's Angel, bearing in mind his puppy name (can't call it litter name really!)

Anonymous said...

So when's the Fat Boy fan club being formed?As I want to join!