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Friday, January 26, 2007

Fat Boy goes to Work

Just to prove that Dennis did do some work today! Here Dennis and Neil consult with Fat Boy about a very important project!

Fat Boy spent the morning at work with Dennis. He spent alot of time in accounting running around and playing. I hope some work got done at Spellman today!

As always I love when the pups go to work with Dennis. It is a great opportunity for them to socialize and see new things. The next three weeks will be busy ones for Fat Boy as we take him to experience lots of new places, sights and sounds.

Fat Boys new owner has tentatively picked a call name (subject to change of course!). He may be named "Spell". So any good ideas for registered names? The theme is "hell"! So far we have come up with:

OBay Helluva Spell
OBay Hells Spells
OBay Cast a Helluva Spell


Mary-Anne said...

How about "Obay One Helluva Spell"?

Bet you're glad to have your phone and internet back!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Can't wait to take him to the seaside for a day at work with me when he's bigger. All the ppl at work are very dog friendly they'll love him