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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy 11th Birthday Jordan!

Happy 11th Birthday Jordan!

Jordan turned 11 this weekend. For her birthday suprise, Lisa took her to a massage seminar and she got to be massaged by lots of students! Lucky girl!

She still is the perfect dog. She is never not happy! She is the dog that everyone wants to own; she is happy and friendly and sweet. Her only bad habit is that she always seems to be laying in front of you and we are constantly tripping over her. This has gotten worse since she has gone deaf and doesn't hear us coming. Oh and typical sheltie, she is always hungry. So she makes sure she lets me know, at least one hour in advance, when dinner is due!

I remember the day I met Jordan as if it was yesterday. We were at a Breed show and I was watching shelties. Jordan's breeder asked me if I could show this 6 month old puppy in the puppy class. Jordan had never been on lead before and this was her first show! Hmmmm... Anyway, Jordan won the puppy class and we went on to place in the puppy group. About one year later, I approached her breeder to see if she would lease Jordan to me for a litter. Well instead she gave Jordan to me and I never looked back. Jordan did give me one litter(Halo and Presto) but was spayed after that. Jordan picked up some breed wins and breed points and finished her Masters title in agility. Since then she has been under our feet and we adore her!


Sarah and Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Jordan! I hope you got lots of extra cuddles and DINNER!

Lian said...

Happy Birthday to Jordan!

Marie Hansson said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Greetings from Sweden
Whoopi, Zoe & Fiona

Eleanor said...

Happy Birthday, Jordan! You gave your sweet temperament to your son, my devoted Presto, for which I can never thank you enough. He is standing right next to me as I type this and he sends his love, as do I.

Anonymous said...

Ha - P B'day sweet lady of the night! lots of live and special b'day cuddles from the motly cru at codmore hill :) xxx