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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Wizz (aka Black Leg) will be the last puppy to go into her new home tomorrow. Her new owners are driving and taking the ferry over from Holland to come and get her. Once she is gone, I will post new photos of all the pups and their owners.

In the meantime, I get to play with Wizz a little longer. So she came with us to a lovely New Years Eve party given by Lesley (my agility instructor extraordinaire) hosted by Leslie and Sarah and their darling son Dylan Zane (see a "Z" name!) and catered by Lyn and Les who are fabulous cooks. The party was mainly agility folk (except for Dennis and Tony who were very patient) and Wizz got alot of positive socialization. She had lots of people playing tuggy with her and taking her around on her lead. She is getting better on lead although it is not her favorite thing right now; she would rather take the lead and go wherever SHE wants!

Ok, she had a few drinks but it was New Years Eve!

But she also got to be held by the great agility instructor/handler Lesley Olden! Hopefully this bodes well for Wizz's future agility career!

And she got to meet her first little child. Dylan Zane at first wanted to put Wizz in his mouth but settled on chewing her lead. Wizz seemed unfazed by him and it was a good experience for her.

This morning on New Years day we went for a great walk thru Petworth Park. Our friends Tim and Marion know Petworth Park well as Tim works at Petworth. We took Zen, Hex, Chi and their mom True as well as Grizz the lurcher on a nice muddy 6 mile walk. They loved it of course!

From left to right (Hex, Chi and Zen).

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Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed it too and it wasn't too long and muddy! Look forward to the next one- with the dogs of course!