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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sitting in Heathrow Airport Lounge

Am I the only one who thinks about WHO will get my dogs if my plane crashes? These are the things I think about when I am sitting in the airport lounge waiting for our flight to Dubai. I am already missing the puppies and know they will be so different by the time I return in 9 days.

I am lucky to have a great friend, Johanna, who is puppy sitting for me. She has detailed instructions on what to do with the pups every moment of those 9 days! But I think she already knew and just humored me while I went on and on and on...... AND we have video link-up so that we can see the pups live at almost anytime. Johanna has also promised to update my blog with photos and news of the pups for everyone( and me!) to see.

It is amazing how the pups have changed just from yesterday until today. The front panel is down on the whelping box so that they can see and hear more. They roll down the ramp and can wobble around outside the box in the pen. One of the girls, Dot, actually climbed back UP the ramp into the box. She is so clever already! They are starting to play fight and mouth each other, albeit in slow motion.

Today I started hand-feeding them some chopped mince. Just little bits, to help them associate being handled with something fun like eating! Shelties certainly like to eat (hmm, must be why I like shelties as I have that problem too!) Most of the pups took to the meat right away, although one or two took longer to realize it was edible. Once they got the hang of eating the meat, they were frantic to get more! Very very adorable!

OK, well if something happens to us.... Johanna gets Zen, Lisa can have Hex. (Although there may be a fight about that!) Terry will take Hob-b and Joy. Sonia will hopefully have Jordan. I am not sure who will get Pax as she is my special girl and I can't imagine her with anyone else. The Zen pups are mostly spoken for and Johanna knows who is getting one. If Hob-b is pregnant, Terry gets one and Peggy gets one. I think that covers them all! Whew, I hope we make it back in 9 days!


Becky said...

Please don't be so morbid!!, Pax can come and live with us! our lot can teach her some bad sheltie habits.

Anonymous said...

WOOT!! It's in black & white I get Hex :)
But I'd much rather my friend & agility guru back safe and sound - honest!

Lian said...

Please don't be silly! I still have a lot to learn from you and all my shelties need you to motivate them!