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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Puppies soon?

Zen's temperature was 98.1 degrees F this morning AND Dennis said she ate her breakfast slowly (very unusual for any of my food obsessed shelties!). I still think the temperature may drop a bit more but I have a feeling we are going to have pups tonight!

As much as I love puppies, this is the part I hate. You can be so prepared and still have things go wrong. Yet,at the same time, other people let their dogs have pups in the shed and they survive!

Zen will be safe at home in the living room with two midwives (Lisa and I). Plus a husband making tea and ready to drive us to the vet if needed. Oh and I must make sure I have my whelping/breeding guru Liz handy on the phone! How long have I been breeding? 15 years and it never gets easier!


Andy Hudson said...

Good luck and we hope everything goes well. Love Andy & Nancy

Lian said...

Can't wait to see Zen's puppies and I'm sure they will be all healthy. Good luck and all our love to Zen.