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Monday, November 20, 2006

A Long Drive but successful agility show!

Leaving the pups on Friday was very hard! I kept trying to leave and then ended going back and looking at them just once more! But I was very excited to be headed up North to go to Hex's first agility show. And it was our first time at an agility show for ages! The last time I ran Zen was in early August.

So I left on Friday at 10 am and a drive that should have taken 4-ish hours ended up taking six and a half hours. Plus it rained HARD the entire time, so a very stressful drive up. I got to the hotel checked in under an assumed name (I took the room off of someone else who couldn't go and she had a great rate of only £15!) and was in bed by 7:30 pm! I was ready for a good night sleep, but was awoke at midnight by the reception telling me the light was on in my car. Thank God they saw it or I would woken up to a dead battery in the morning. Sleep after that was on and off, so I just got up at 5 am and drove to the venue early. I guess I was a bit too keen, as I was the first one there in the parking lot! I couldn't wait to run Hex!

Both of our Novice runs were the first class in their rings and were on at the same time at 8:30.. So we walked both courses, ran them and were done by 9 am. Hmmmm, a 10 hour round-trip drive and overnight in a hotel for less than 1 minute in the ring! Yeah, I must LOVE agility!
Hex had 52 dogs in her height (small) in Novice Jumping and 50 dogs in Novice Agility.

I was feeling a bit rusty, not having run at an agility show for a few months. Plus starting out with a young dog and not knowing how we would come together as a team. I must admit to feeling a bit nervous! I don't usually get nervous on the start line, I generally just try and focus on the course and my dog and I just enjoy the run. This time, on the start line, my legs felt like jelly and my throat was all dry. Geez, it was just a novice course, what was wrong with me? Plus I was moaning about the course....what a tough weave pole entrance (flat 90 degree left side entrance!), two double spread jumps ( I have forgotten to train those!) ect ect. I must have been nervous, as I KNOW I should not complain like that! Luckily Nicky very subtly (ha!) told me off and made me shut up.

Well to make a long story short.... Hex had two gorgeous clear rounds. She was focused and accurate. I was so proud of my little girl! Then if things couldn't get better, I was able to watch Nicky and Indy run. They were so smooth and I was so chuffed with little Indy! Nicky is feeling quite pleased with him also! She is pretty sure she has guaranteed herself another OBay sheltie puppy in few years and I guess she is right!

So brother and sister ran both courses with under 1 second between them. Indy in first place and Hex in second. Those two wins put Indy into the Senior level after his first show, this is amazing! He has already guaranteed himself a spot to try-out for the World Agility championships next year. Wow, that was a pretty good litter,huh?

Here is Indy looking particularly cute with his winnings. He is a little 13" bundle of cuteness!

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