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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Fab Five

Here is our smiling mom, Zen, with her "Fab Five" pups! The pups are doing great and all have gained one ounce since birth. That is a great relief.

We have started the "Neurological Stimulation" on the puppies. That continues from day 3 to day 16. Also known as "The super dog or Bio-sensor Program" it was developed by US Military to help their canine program produce a better working dog. More information can be found at

Once the pups seem to be gaining weight, this is the easy time. I can just sit back and waste time watching them grow. The real work begins once the pups eyes and ears open.

This puppy, now known as "Black Leg" makes me laugh. Her left front leg is almost all black with just white toes. Very cute! We have also named another girl "Dot" for her dot of white on the back of her neck. Puppy litter names are easy as I know they are just temporary! A few years ago I had a litter of two pups, one girl and one boy. They had the very creative names of "boy puppy" and "girl puppy"! (Eventually known as Presto and Halo!)

This is a photo of Dot lying over her sister, Black Leg. :-)


Lian said...

Zen looks very happy with all her babies. I can see why you said it is very hard to count!!

Aren't the little angles look so cute?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Zen - my first chance to catch up today! Glad to hear they are gaining weight - Zen looks quite please with herself, as she should be.

Ann & Spooner