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Monday, November 06, 2006

Puppy Names

I am still tending to go with the "Catch/Caught" theme for this litter since Daddy is
" Ag. Ch.Toven Catch Me If You Can". One of my supreme pupppy namers is my mate Eleanor and she came up with some new ideas. They are:

"OBay Can You Catch Me"
"OBay Let's Play Catch"
"OBay Catch On Quickly" Or "OBay Catches On Quick"
"OBay What's The Catch"

along with my ideas:

OBay Caught Ur Attention
OBay Caught U Looking
OBay Caught U By Surprise
OBay Caught Speeding
OBay Caught Red Handed
OBay Caught In The Act
OBay Catch A Wave
OBay Catch a Rising Star

Luckily we have 8 more weeks to think of more! And the list of "Z" names is growing, it is amazing what you can find on the internet!

Zoom, Zest, Zinc, Zone, Zaney (perfect for a Zen pup!), Zap, Zip, Zowee, Zing, Zephyr, Zuton, Zulu, Zoing, Zezu, Zaza, Zorro, Zazzy, Zee, Zed, Zev (hebrew for lightening!)


Andy Hudson said...

uumm, how about:

Caught you bouncing 'Zebedee'
Caughty you snoozin' ' Zeds'

Wendy fairlamb said...

How about - Catch a Zaney moment !
My first WSD was called Zany and she was the most wonderfull dog,so willing to learn everything.She started Agility at 7 years old and still managed to win out of Starters in less than 12 months,must be an omen for a future O'Bay star.
Loved the articles about Hex in the Voice it is the 1st thing I look at great reading.

Anonymous said...

How about:

Caught By None

I like those postitive names!! :)