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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Brother and sister win at their first agility show!

Hex and Indy competed at their first agility show yesterday. Indy (OBay Truly Driven) is owned and handled by Nicky Garrett. Hex (OBay Truly Wicked) is owned and handled by me.

Hex and Indy are littermates and are 18 months old. They competed at Newton Heath yesterday in Novice Agility and Novice Jumping. In both classes, Indy came first and Hex came second out of Novice class of 50 small dogs. I guess if Hex and I HAVE to come second, what a better way to do it but to be beat by one of my own puppies! Either way I win!

I am really tired after the long drive up north and will post more details tomorrow! I am so proud of both pups!

In the puppy news.....all the pups now have their ears open and are making the cutest Grrr Grrr noises now. They are actually trying to walk around the box and starting to look more like puppies and less like hamsters!

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Lian said...

Very well done to Hex & Indy & their handlers. Obay Shelties ruled! Hooray!!