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Thursday, May 01, 2008

World Dog Show 2008 Sweden

We are going to the World Dog Show 2008 in Stockholm in July. This is quite a cute yet slightly mad commerical for the show.

World Dog Show 2008

Crazy Swedes!

Dennis and I are flying over and will meet Johanna. I have never been to my "homeland" of Sweden before so I am looking forward to it. My grandparents were from Sweden. Although my grandfather died before I was born; my grandmother who we called "Famar" was around until I was almost 20. She never really spoke Swedish around us (at that time most immigrants felt it necessary to learn English) but I remember her accently fondly. Every word that started with a "J" was pronounced with a "Y". It was very cute. "Jump" would be "Yump" and "Jersey" would be "Yersey". I do wish they would have spoke Swedish to us so that we could have been multi-lingual.

Luckily Johanna (girl of many talents) speaks Swedish! I am just going to watch and enjoy the show but Johanna will be competing in breed with the little Hob-noxious and in Dog Dancing with Spook-ster and Soda. I will finally get to meet Soda!

Pups are getting ready to leave soon! This morning I put the doors on the crates.After they ate their breakfast and had their morning frenzy, I put two in each crate to have a nap. Fat Head was the most put out about the situation and expressed his unhappiness with a chorus of howls and screams for about 2 minutes.

Yes the madness continues. We also expect our guests to get on the floor and play "hair raggy" with the pups. My secret is out; this is how we get the best tugging dogs in the world. It is up to the new puppy owners to continue this.

I have spoken very severely to the Lil'Mouse and told her that smoking will stunt her growth. Between that and the red wine it is no wonder she hasn't grown! It may be the smallest rolled ciggie in the world but it doesn't mean it was meant for her!

Who can resist a little bling? Godmother Karen has loaned Mouse this bling collar. It was the only collar that has fit her so far!


Johanna said...

I want Da Mouse in Da House ;o)

Paula said...

Think I may have to steal little Mouse, she's so cute and she wont be any bigger than Suzi so will fit in the glove compartment of my car.

Diana said...

I know about collar trouble. Mickey was 1 lb. when I brought him home. I bought the smallest collar I could find. I then had to cut it and sew it, to make it fit. Diana

Lian said...

I WANT THAT LIL' MOUSE!!!!!!! If I could have her, I am going to call her "SU", Chinese word for Mouse and coincidently, this year is the Golden Mouse year!! So, there she is, the Golden Mouse!!


Oki used to love hair ragging! A way we got him to actually want to be with us when we first got him!

Little mouse is mega cute, Oki used to have a ferret collar!! lol that one looks loads better then the one Oki first had! Lucky Mouse!

Karen said...

ROFLOL we could have some outside assistance just get lisa to lie on the finish line :0)

Christy said...

I love Little Mouse and her little collar. When I brought Piper home the only collar I could find that fit was one for a kitten.
Good luck to the puppies in their new homes.