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Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Sweet 16 Dasher

Yesterday (4 May 2008) was Dasher's 16th Birthday. It was bittersweet for me as I am still missing Joy. And so soon after Terry lost Bell. Certainly if the Dursts are reading this; I am sure it brings back memories of their lovely boy Brandi. A very special litter; my first litter of shelties.

Dash (OBay Dunstanburgh Dasher CDX, AX, AXJ) was always a true gentleman; a real credit to the sheltie breed. He loves everyone and is such a "kind" dog. He was Eleanor's first sheltie and now she has three! So I guess that means she likes them!

Here he is in the photo getting his massage and eating deli Roast Beef! Can we say spoiled? Too right and that is the way it should be!

Here is a email from Eleanor which got me crying even before I could get half way through it.

"Dash turns 16 in just a few hours. The last month has had its ups and downs as age catches up with my determined little pal, most notably robbing him of most of his sight and hearing and his formerly robust appetite. But in true stubborn Dasher fashion, he has recovered from his hospital stay and is now eating a regular diet of deli roast beef (and I am trying deli chicken, too tonight.) He also likes the mini doggie biscotti, and adores milk bones! He also appreciates the fancy dog treats with carob frosting I bought at the local fancy pet boutique to honor this momentous occasion. All this is washed down by water and a chaser of Pepto Bismol. I also make sure he eats his daily vitamin pills. So, an odd regimen, but it seems to be working.

He is thinner and frail, mostly sleeps, but does like to meander around on occasion to get a treat or just see what is going on. He is comfortable and that is what matters. He went for a ½ hour mini-grooming on Tuesday. He loved being fussed over by Marcey, his groomer since puppyhood and he ate lots of cookies. Last month and this month, he gets mini massages. The attached photo shows him with Robin, eating roast beef and getting a massage!

I am sure the non-doggy human race and even some doggy types, think I am insane, but he has been a wonderful companion and as long as he is comfortable and can walk around, get himself inside and outside, then I will happily carry him upstairs, feed him and odd diet and dote on him until the end!

Happy 16th Birthday to my wonderful little man and thanks to all of you who have helped make his life so very special. I have never owned a dog who lived for 16 years. We do not have too much longer, so I cherish the time left."


Anonymous said...

The post brought tears to my eyes. Dash is a wonderful dog. I remember bringing Bell to SI for Dash & Bell to celebrate their BD.

This was a special litter. Thank you Bernadette for giving us these special dogs.

I am looking foward to bringing another Obay sheltie home in a few days !!!!!

Guess Who

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dasher.

The posting also brought tears to our eyes along with wonderful memories of our boy Brandi, from this very special litter. Our boy also loved deli meat -it had to be Boars Head Honey Roasted Turkey.

We are saddened to hear about Bell. She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is now running and playing with her Mom Holly, her sister Joy and her brother Brandi.

Yes, thank you Bernadette for giving us these very special pals.

Keep up the great work. We enjoy reading your blogs.

Peggy and Jerry Durst