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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Puppy photos

Going back to last weekend. Fat Head was leaving on Saturday so I asked Dennis to take some photos of me with the pups. I have a great photo taken almost 12 years ago with Pax and all her littermates when they were just 8 weeks. 6 pups in the litter and I was able to hold them all and they all sat still for the photo. I must try and get that photo scanned; although my hair was really short and I look fat in the photo so it may never make the blog!

Hmmmm, now fast forward 12 years and try the same with only 4 black puppies.....

Notice the boys are being good! And why is it the girls always fight?

OK get rid of the girls and the boys are so very photogenic.

Now try again with just the girls. Fighting again!


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