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Thursday, May 08, 2008

I am very talented

I can speak Portuguese. :-) Check out this sheltie article


Paula said...

Wow, what does it all mean you could be saying anything even what sort of washing powder you use :)

Sassydogs said...

Very impressive ... but can you translate from Portuguese to English for those of us who can't read it?

Macfarlane Dogs said...

babelfish.altavista.com will translate it.....but very literally word for word!! Did you know that you are a 'creator' (breeder) and you have had 8 'hatches'(litters) of 'Shepards of Shetland' Hahaha!!

Got the main gist of it though - good article!!

Karen said...

he he he I know what you said cause I used the free translator how sad am I ?? xx

Johanna said...

I just asked Bernadette for the original article :o) HA HA HA

Eleanor said...

Wow, very cool. Thanks to my French and my Spanish, I can actually understand some of the article! Of course, knowing the topic beforehand and actually knowing something about your life helps me divine some of it. :-) Languages are so much fun. And it is neat to see how close some of them are to one another!

Congrats on your international fame!