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Monday, May 26, 2008

More Nottingham Agility

I was putting away all the trophies we earned on Saturday at Nottingham and decided to get Dennis to take a photo of the girls with their loot! Well, not really theirs as they don't care either way;but a good chance to get a photo of the two stars with their girlpower harnesses on.

Nice to have Dennis around on this bank holiday Monday. I decided to skip Supadogs today even though I was entered. Instead we slept late and lazed around. This turned out to be a good choice on my part as I just heard that Supadogs was cancelled today and for the rest of the week due to the flooding and rain! Horrible for everyone already there! But made me glad I slept in! Dennis also put together this video of Hex and Indy at Nottingham Champ. Isn't he good?


Nanna Holt Kjær said...

Oh my God, I cannot believe how fast Indy is!!! And that call-in on the serpentine jumps... I swear I started blinking madly and had to see it again and again. That is wicked speed.

Nanna Holt Kjær said...

Oh of course, he is the "pocket rocket", isn't he? Just remembered.

Hex's final run looks brilliant; ups or no ups. Good choice to just go for it.

We have this saying in Danish "Vind eller forsvind" (the D's are silent). Basic translation is "win or get lost/piss off". A good motto to remember not to play it safe, isn't it?

Best wishes,
Nanna & the tri shelties in Denmark

P.S. One of my pups earned her Danish Jumpers Champion title this weekend. How happy am I?! ;-)

Gitte Hoffmeister said...

Hi Bernadette.
This is an service message.
There is an interesting update at the blog and lots of Photos of Monty's grandson Godis.
Godis got her first title this weekend. LP1 (obedience class 1).


Macfarlane Dogs said...

Well done Zen!!! :-)

And what a shame for Hex :-(

Indi is so amazingly fast! It looks like the video is on fast forward! Haha!

Lorna said...

Mega Congrats - your dogs are Stars and you handle them brilliantly :)

Lorna x

Lian said...

Well done to the OBay stars!!