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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Empty house

Well the Mouse has flown away. Terry and the Little Mouse left on the plane for NY this morning.

We met Terry at the airport on Sunday at early o'clock with Little Mouse in tow. Mouse trotted through the airport like a trooper; only deviating when someone interesting walked past her. Then she would zoom off suddenly screaming her little mouse head off. She is so funny and luckily she had her harness (thanks to Godmother Karen) on and we could reign her back in.

I wasn't sure if Terry would fall in love with Mouse because all along she thought she was getting the Big Girl who we called Zest. Dennis and I had sort of come to the terms that we were keeping Mouse. I would not have been sad to have kept her; I even couldn't have cared less if she never entered any dog show ring, I just loved her. I could just imagine us with this little black dynamo carrying her around in a handbag just like Paris Hilton. :-) She is such a little personality; she is not as meek and sweet as she looks! She has her own little idea of what she should be doing at any particular time. She is really quite naughty and will be a challenge to train!

Terry did fall for the Mouse (well really how could she not) and decided she would take her back to NY with her. I am happy for this as Terry is used to small dogs as she has had papillons for over 10 years now. I feel like Mouse will be safe and happy there and hopefully will make Terry happy over the next 15 years.

Here is Terry meeting the Mouse for the first time.

I am so happy the Mouse will be staying in the family but really really miss her and am obviously crying as I write this. Here is Terry and the Mouse who now has a new name.

OBay Tiz Amazin

I enjoyed Terry's visit here although it was much too short. We even made her run Zen on some agility courses and I think Terry was suprised at how well she did. Little did she realize that it was Zen running her instead of her running Zen. Ha!

Once we knew Terry was taking Mouse; we had to turn our thoughts to the Big Girl formally known as "Zest". Johanna and I thought of every possible way that we could keep her! She is so lovely with the gorgeous structure of her mom Zen and grandma True. As a breeder I knew I should keep her to continue on with; but as a trainer I knew that I was not ready to work with another pup just yet. Johanna tried her best to get me to send her Zen for a few months so that I could work with Zest but that was just not happening! :-) And Johanna is not ready for another dog yet either. So we made the decision to offer Zest to Nancy. Nancy has been waiting awhile for her sheltie and I couldn't imagine a better home for Zest. She get lovely and spoiled yet have great training and maybe even learn some manners. Hmmmmm here is Zest last week using my coffee table as her own personal bed. Yes, she is under the glass top.

We called Nancy on Sunday morning and told her that if she wanted a sheltie puppy to please come over immediately! Do you know that Nancy was still in bed at 8 am Sunday morning? Poor Nancy who is usually so organized was made to come get her puppy with no prior planning! hehe!

Please meet Nancy's first sheltie of her very own.

OBay Tiz Zensational

As fitting for this puppy and to match Nancy's crocs; here is Zeki showing off her new harness.

So that is it....I have just returned from the airport and my house is quiet. My other dogs will now start getting some much need attention and my floors will get a much needed wash!


Johanna said...

Good luck Terry and Nancy with these 2 amazing puppies. I will have to plan a trip to NY to do a Mouse House Check !!!! :o)

Johanna said...

PS. I love the new living room floor!!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

It was very noisy at training last light!!!!
She is nearly as noisy as Shaggy!!!!!

Bet your house is a lot quieter.

Sara & Steve

Hudsondoglets said...

Hhhmm, I think I will be keeping the words on her new harness!

She's gorgeous but very crazy and very naughty!

Thank you for letting me have her (except at 5.00 am when I'm trying to find my ear plugs!)

Anonymous said...

Spooner and I are looking forward to meeting Zinna (formerly known as the Lil Mouse) at the Thanksgiving cluster in Springfield! Terry - you must promise you're coming again this year!!!

Ann Hart

Mary-Anne, Bryce, Jayda and Raven said...

Uh-oh - future competition for Raven!

Terry congratulations, hope I run into you at a trial soon because I can't wait to meet this little pip! Raven says "Ooh she's gonna be MY size - can I PLAY with her???"

Best wishes from all of us to all of Jayda's baby cousins in their new homes!

Eleanor and two O'Bay Shelties! (Note the apostrophe.) said...

No apostrophe!? Say it ain't so!

I can't wait to meet her - maybe at Staten Island in June! :-)