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Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have both Terry and Johanna whinging that they haven't made the blog! I HAVE TWO NAUGHTY PUPPIES TO TAKE CARE OF! Please remind me never to keep 2 puppies until 10 weeks! These darn puppies get me up before 5 am every morning; I jump up so that they will not mess their crates and am working on housebreaking YOUR puppy! I am so tired at night that I have no energy to blog. So you are gonna have to wait. When they are gone I promise I will tell the world about how wonderful One and Keeper are. :-) I have been really lax about One who deserves a space on the website finally after winning his first breed Champ ticket. I promise I will try and do this soon.

Today Lisa took the Mouse to work with her in Brighton. Thanks Lisa! It gave me time alone with Zest who is much better behaved by herself. Lisa says Mouse had a good time and met lots of people. Everyone wants a Mouse for themselves!

Heaven: in 3 days I will have NO puppies left! Peace and quiet and saving money on paper towels!And no more baby gates! And I can leave the house for more than 2 hours at a time!

In the meantime.......Hob-b in Denmark sporting her lovely new Diva harness! Ahhhh! I do miss the Ms. Hob-noxious.

If anyone is interested in a pink harness like the one Hob-b has; I have an extra one. I ordered two pink ones for Hob-b as I wasn't sure which one would fit her. So I have one extra pink Mini harness.


Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

That harness is perfect for Ms. Hobnoxious!
Funny Mouse didn't wake till 6:10am at ours & she had a clean crate - we must be a good influence :)
Mouse was an absolute pleasure to take to work. She is the cutest Sheltie ever!

Paula said...

If you're at BATS tomorrow can you bring the harness and I'll try it up against Suzi's, I think it'll be too big but I'm sure it will suit her. If not Tom can wear it :)

Mary-Anne & Zen's US cousins said...

I already know what a good dog Keeper has been - I thought maybe that was a requirement before you'd let Terry have a puppy ;) :) ?

Dennis said...

Sitting her in the BA Lounge in New York and reading the blog makes me realize how much I miss you and the pups; even the Hob-ster. Well they just called the board the flight. I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. ox-ox

Anonymous said...

The harness looks so nice & cool on your shelties that my friend & I are also getting the harness for our shelties here in Singapore !! We will be importing them though.
I'm getting the Rose coloured one for my tri-colour sheltie - Nova, with the wordings
"Girl Power".

Shanice & Nova

Aristosmilagros e Shelnergy said...

I getting two power harness for my two shelties boys , one mini (tri)and the other minini (sable sheltie). Hopefully can fit them... can't wait for their arrival too.

Gina said...

Love those harnesses they are fab, did you find a home for it?