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Monday, May 19, 2008

For Mary Anne

These are my favs!


Anonymous said...

Mary Ann,

I'm so glad you had those pictures taken! As I told you that day at the trial, you'll be very glad you did. Bryce is still such a beautiful boy!

Ann Marie

Eleanor said...

Barry Rosen is an amazing photographer. I had a large throw made up with a beautiful photo of Presto going over an A-Frame and i have fun mugs with photos of Ozma. All photos taken at a recent agility trial. Isn't it fun to spend money!?

Mary-Anne, Bryce, Raven and "Q" (Jayda) said...

Thanks - that "smile" was one of my favorites too, though they were ALL nice! (Even the "rejects" were good). We all had a great weekend at the trial, so it was one to remember with pictures aside from everything else that's going on.

Really should get back to my OWN blog, but my heart hasn't been in it this last few weeks. Maybe I'll catch up on a few posts later in the week... cousin Jayda's "8 for 8" weekend definitely deserves recognition!