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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Many Faces of Zen

We have to give back the Working section sheltie trophies soon so we took this photo of Zen. These were the Sheltie of the Year and Agility Sheltie of the Year trophies. I think Zen won them every year for the past 4 years except for the year that Hex won. The Sheltie of the Year trophy is absolutely gorgeous and I will miss that one. But Zen has done enough winning and I know that she will always be the Sheltie of a Lifetime for me; so I will pass these trophies on this year and not apply for them anymore for Zen. Maybe one of her babies will be lucky enough to win them another year.

Zen looks so relaxed and mellow in this photo. You could not tell that she actually hates cameras and would like to launch off the table and attack the lens!

Zen does not care about trophies or ribbons. Give her a ball and she is happy (or actually slightly crazy!) I love this photo as it is so very ZEN.


Diana said...

How sweet. Good for You and Zen. Diana

Christy said...

She is fantastic.

Priscilla said...


Lian said...

You and Zen well deserved the Sheltie Trophies! She is an amazing dog and you are an amazing handler!

I prefer the natural picture of Zen, the one with the tennis ball in her mouth! Typical Zen!

Priscilla said...

Beautiful girl Zen!

Serena said...

What a beautiful photo of Zen and her trophies. She is looking picture-perfect just for her Mama, you! To me, Zen always has a certain OK I am doing this just for my Mama--I'm ready for my trophy photo now! She always has this very poised look on her face that is so Zen-like, LOL! I still can't believe she hates cameras...Maybe she has a switch on, switch off phase that Zen meditation brings her, LOL!