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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Everyone Loves Jordan: 14 years old

There is a great TV show in the US called "Everyone Loves Raymond". That show used to just crack me up as it was based on Long Island and I could just relate. For the UK folk: it was kind of a "Gavin and Stacey" for Long Island. VBG

Anyway that is just an introduction to my "Happy 14th Birthday Jordan" blog post. We have a saying on our house about Jordan and it is "Everyone Loves Jordan". All dogs and all people cannot help but love Jordan. Sweet, friendly and good hearted is our Jordan. She has never known a stranger. From the time I met her at 10 months old to the day I brought her home at 2 years old to today 12 years later... she has never changed. She is the dog that taught me the most about clicker training. She came to me knowing nothing, had no training foundations and was not even housebroken but quickly caught on to training and went on to complete her MX and AXJ in agility. She had breed points but the same injury caused her to gait strangely and I decided not to waste my money anymore.

Most people in the UK do not really know Jordan as well as my other dogs as she never did agility here. During her last year in agility in the US she slowed down tremendously and it took me a long time to realize it was due to an injury. I was always sad that I did not pick it up sooner and retire her earlier. But here she is now at 14 years old; happy and healthy and sound. You would never know she was 14 except for her white eyelashes. She has no stiffness, no lameness and no arthritis. She jumps out of bed in the morning as she never wants to miss a meal. She constantly trips us up as she lays at our feet hoping that she will catch us if we head to the kitchen for anything.

Happy 14th Birthday to my beautiful Jordan. Nite nite.


Anonymous said...

Hello !

Happy Birthday to your little marvelous treasure !!!
Hope for more healthy and happy years with her for you !!!

kind regards!


Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite girl! My "Joooooor-daaaaan"! Please give her an extra special hug from me.

Johanna said...

Happy Birthday to dearest Jordan especially from Spooky ;o)

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Jordan! Diana

Anonymous said...

I remember when you brought Jordan home. She did not even know to go up steps.

She is such a SWEET dog.

Give her a big hug for me.


Priscilla said...

Happy birthday to you, Jordan. You're gorgeous!

Lian said...

Happy SWEET Birthday to SWEET Jordan! She is the SWEETEST sheltie that I have ever met.

Hazyland Border Collies & Biscuit said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Paula said...

Happy Birthday little girl.

Shetla said...

Gosh, she is a really good laster. What a beauty! Congratulations to you and happy birthday to Jordan.

Helen said...

Happy Birthday Jordan !!!

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful.
Happy birthday Jordan x
BIG piece of birthday cake.
With love,
Elizabeth and Antony

Elizabeth Saggers said...

Jordan is so beautiful.
Happy birthday Jordan x

Hudsondoglets said...

Happy Birthday to Jordan a very sweet sheltie for sure xxx

fjoiris.livejournal.com said...

Happy birthday, Jordan!

Karen said...

Happy birthday sweet jordan love karen and all the gang xx

Presto and Eleanor said...

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Halo and I turned 10-years old on Saturday, the 16th of January. I had forgotten we were born practically on your birthday.

Mom Eleanor and Aunt Karen took lots of silly photos of Sis and me at Top Dog, just like they did back when we were 1-year old. We will send you the photos soon. And I hear rumors of a party and a cake! Yum

We take after you. We look very young, everyone says. Thanks for bringing us into the world!


Serena said...

What a wonderful birthday tribute to lovely beautiful Jordan! Happiest birthday Jordan! I just love your little blaze on your forehead too; I always feel the blaze is a blaze "star" of sweetness.