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Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Part 2

Another Christmas has gone. Dennis knows really well now how to give me the best Christmas pressies! I am now the owner of a new PINK and WHITE A-frame and See-saw! No photos yet as the weather has been so wet and I don't want my new Pink agility obstacles to get wet!

We had a few nice relaxing days with long walks, some visits and relaxing at home. Dennis and I took a great 6 mile walk with Shimmer, Zen, Zaz and Itz on Christmas day. Shimmer was really well-behaved unlike my two hooligan pups who had to run at least 12 miles that day! On boxing day we met up with Nancy and Andy and they took us on a great walk in Ashdown forest.

It is sad not to be able to take Pax walking with us anymore and I hate leaving her behind. She is more comfortable at home and I make sure to take her out in the back garden each day to have a wander around. She cannot walk very far as she is uncomfortable walking. But, like a true OBay sheltie, she still has a great appetite and can still boss the other dogs around. Shimmer had no chance as Pax was determined to let him know that he was the bottom of the pack. He actually perked up up a little as he gave her a reason to get up (to bite him!)

Sonia and Bob came to pick up Shimmer on the Sunday after Boxing Day. He was a good dog but I am glad to be back to just five! They have renamed him "Skipper" and he seems to be settling into their house. This is a photo of Bob when he came to pick up Skipper. Lucky realized what was happening and planted himself on Bob's lap as if to say "This is MY Dad"!

On Monday we met up with Karen and Hannah for lunch and then had a lovely walk in Chobham common.

It was nice going to a house that had a Christmas tree! Dennis and I have not put up a Christmas tree since we came to England in 2001. It just never seemed appropriate as we don't have family coming to visit. Also all our Christmas stuff was back packed up in New York. I had to take a photo of Zaz under the tree.

We got to meet Hannah's new addition, Deece and I got my puppy fix.

Zaz vascillated between loving to play with Deece and trying to put him in his place. She learned well from Pax!

After lunch, we took a walk in Chobham common. It was lovely but a little muddy (again!). I am glad we took the time to take this photo. What well behaved dogs!

Zaz and Itzy are usually in their own world when they walk together. I often have to put one of them on lead to stop them from constantly chasing each other.

No one believes me when I tell them that Itzy can be a little naughty! She loves to chase Zaz and hang onto her tail which is why Zaz has no tail hair! Luckily Zaz is going through a major shed anyway so hopefully, with time, the tail will grow back. I just need to keep Itzy away from it!

Karen did not believe that "butter couldn't melt" Itzy could be naughty. That is until Itzy decides that Yaz has a tasty tail also! Watch how fast Karen can move! This photo is so funny that I had to include it even though it is blurry.

We were trying out our new camera (another pressie!) and tried to take some photos of Todd. He was funny as everytime the camera came out he would grab a toy and shake it around. At least he is better than Zen who will try and attack the camera.

I tried to be very domestic this Christmas and not only cooked Dennis a Christmas roast dinner but also baked the dogs Christmas cookies. I used a recipe from Cadie (Acadia Shelties). I liked the recipe because it did not involve any cooking of liver! (Yuck!) Itz, Zen and Zaz wait to be allowed their cookies. Ahh bless!

The rest of the week flew by and now it is New Years Day 2010. I am looking forward to 2010 and realize everyday how lucky I am to have my wonderful husband and my fantastic dogs. We spent New Years eve at home following my mother in law Helene's tradition. At midnight you must have keys and money in your hand to insure that you always have money in your pocket and a roof over your head. I have added to that tradition and make sure that I always have a sheltie by my side. This year we had 5 shelties by our side and each one has a special place in our hearts.

Happy 2010 to All! Let us all enjoy life as much as these two!


Diana said...

Happy New year!! Diana

Mary-Anne said...

Happy New Year!

You folks are always going on such nice walks with your dogs - I'm jealous! The physical therapist wants me to take Bryce for just 15-20 minute walks twice a day but between the lack of places to take him and the weather (snow/ice/road salt, rain, 40mph winds and really cold) we've been lucky to squeeze in one.

Glad Pax is still the boss!

Christy said...

Happy New Year. So enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing.

Hooch n Troops said...

Happy 2010...some fantastic photos in there...the shelties looked like they had a fab time over Xmas and playing with their mates!

Helen said...

Happy New Year to you and your wealth of shelties. I sometimes think that Zeeba is 5 dogs. Altho I hated to neuter he now seems to be able to concentrate around other dogs. Oh and I got a Move-it for my A-frame which I won't be able to use until the ice and snow goes away.

Dave said...

Pink!!!! How will Nemo cope with indignity?!?! ;o)

Happy New Year!

Rosie Ison said...

Happy 2010 to you. I must ask what camera you have got. I am looking at all sorts of cameras and can't decide whether to go for a better DSLR or just a handy pocket one.

Macfarlane Dogs said...

What a lovely tradition! I especially like the addition of the sheltie too!! :)

Happy New Year. Hope that 2010 brings you, Dennis and all the dogs all the happiness and laughter you so much deserve! xx

Dawn said...

Happy New Year to you and your whole bunch! Love the photos...all of them!

Lian said...

I like your New Year tradition, we have the similar thing back home when we celebrated the Lunar Calander.

Happy New Year! Wishing you, Dennis and all the OBays a successful and prosperous year ahead of you.