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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zaz and Itz training Jan 2010

I have started entering agility shows for the next season and realized that I can start entering the dynamic duo in UKA shows in April and KC shows in June! That was quick!

Zaz and Itz are almost 14 months old. I am just blown away by how much they know already yet realize there is so much more to teach them. Not being able to work in our garden for 4 months has really slowed down their training. So right now I have two lovely pups who enjoy training and enjoy running in agility. The fine tuning and details will come later.

I am constantly amazed by how quickly dogs learn agility. While they are certainly not polished; the pups are now doing full upright weaves. How did that happen so quickly? Weaves are one obstacle that I really admire the dogs for understanding. We have alot of proofing to do working on entries and exits and speed but they both have a nice foundation already.

We did a little training this week and I tried to do video with my new Iphone. Not the greatest video quality but not bad for a phone! I am not sure what happened at the end of the clip; it must have had something to do with the editing or transfer to You tube as the skipping did not show up on the original video. How consistant am I; Zaz and Itz both have iffy startlines! I think it must be genetic rather than bad training? VBG Here are the Naughty sisters.


Diana said...

Wow, they both look so great!! Diana

Rosie Ison said...

I do so admire you Bernadette. To get 2 puppies to that standard in such a short space of time is amazing, especially with such bad weather

Fozzie still hasn't seen a full height dog walk , let alone upright weaves !!!

They both look fantastic and what great contacts :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello !

They both are so fine doing.
Already now you can see the harmony between you and your two furture champs.
Happy to hera about all the progresses the already have managed.

regards !


Lian said...

WOW! That running DW is awesome! They look so confident already!