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Monday, January 11, 2010

Hob-b and Max

Before the "big snow" we had a lovely visit from Hob-b and Max. Max is Hex and Indy's full litter brother. And, of course, you all know little gorgeous Hob-b! Little Hob-let, Hob-noxious or Hob-stinate as she is fondly called by all who know and love her. She is now spoiled and living with Max and his family a few towns over. I love this photo of Hob-b as it epitomizes her life's philosophy! She is a little diva and still as cute as a button.

It is always a little heart-wrenching for me to see Max but it is getting easier. He is so similar to Hex; right down to his mannerisms. Max and Hob-b are so well matched; two little fluff balls. I am have been so lucky with the homes I have found for my pup-lets.

Well we are still bored here but the snow is thawing slowly. All training classes cancelled again this week. sigh.


Diana said...

Yea, snow is nice but all fun stops when there is no electricity. I hope it warms up soon. Thanks for your comments on my recent blog, I really appreciate it. thanks, Diana

Karen said...

Lovely pictures of Hob-b and Max and omg Todd now looks the image of him mum xx

Lian said...

So good to see a picture of Hob-B. I am missing her, I remembered the time we got her to tease Skye to run. She is a sweet little girl.

If you didn't mentioned the name, I really thought it was Hex!

Priscilla said...

Lovely pictures! They're so beautiful :D